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Bungie Teases Terrifying Creature With New Destiny Screen

I don't know what it is, but Destiny's latest screen shot shows something you wouldn't want to tangle with without some futuristic weaponry.

Bungie tweeted out the above image this morning with the text, "We're going to need more ammo..." which implies that whatever it is, it's not friendly.

Destiny is coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One some time next year. The process of distributing beta invites for the game has begun, and you can find out more about it (and see the above creature in motion) here. You can also see some of the game's impressive art by heading here. Finally, you can see our reveal feature for the game here.

[Source: @DestinyTheGame]

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  • So even though this is a new IP, does anyone else think they are adding a flood-esk creature to their new game?
  • I almost wish that Bungie was only developing this title for the next gen consoles. As pretty as it is I wonder how much better it could have been if they didn't have to program for a dead weight.
  • They already showed this guy in like, 2 other trailers, so there ain't nothin' new 'bout this. Just sayin', get yo headlines more straighterer.
  • This kind of stuff was in the Moon Trailer. It's a giant space zombie from the depths of the moon.

  • That is pretty damn creepy.

  • Anytime you have a character with chains attached to his or her arms and legs then it looks awesome, especially if they use them as weapons.
  • I'm really excited about this game. I just wish they would release a pic of something we haven't seen yet. This creature has been in at least one other trailer.  A trailer that is already a couple weeks old.

  • Pretty sure this is the same monster from the Moon trailer.

  • Dear lord that is nightmare inducing.

  • That's one ugly mother F-er

  • and this is some lovecraft ***...

  • I... actually am not in the least scared or disturbed by that creature.... I don't know what it is, but I probably wouldn't even care if I saw something in real life that looked like that. (which is strange because I'm a terrible scaredy cat)

  • "We're gonna need more ammo."--Worse understatement of next-gen so far. :P At this rate, I can't imagine how bad the Order's creatures are gonna look. . .

  • Mom?

  • We're gonna need a bigger gun would've worked better for me. Well, can't wait to blast through space and probably help anyone I can in this sort of MMOFPS. This game is going to be pretty fun, most likely.
  • I can take him. Looks like it'll be fun gunning it down.

  • He looks scary and all, but I'm sure deep down, he just wants to be our friend.

  • I am still skeptical about Destiny. Does anyone find this game to be quite similar to the Mass Effect games? I do based on the gameplay I've seen. I think I'll pass on this and stick to the next Mass Effect trilogy.

  • it's Fogoth, isn't it? they already talked about this creature.

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