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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Ghosts Continues The Tradition Of Live-Action Call Of Duty Commercials

It's been a tradition over the last few years to release live-action trailers with random celebrity cameos alongside Call of Duty and Ghosts is no exception.

Last year Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance in a Guy Ritchie directed Call of Duty: Black Ops II commercial. The year before that, Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington hung out together to promote Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

This year you'll see real people performing virtual acts of heroics, and Megan Fox makes an appearance for good measure.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming to pretty much everything except next-gen consoles on Tuesday, November 5. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be available in time for the respective console launches.

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  • Megan Fox isn't even a celebrity. She's a vagina that talks.
  • I'm actually getting excited for this game. Hopefully it presents some new features so it's not the same Call of Duty again.
  • Mod
    This trailer wasn't as great as the other Live-action-trailers for some reason.
  • Love the commercial, but like all of Megan Fox's rolls: it could have been ANYBODY! That was a lame cameo.
  • This is the best battlefield Trailer I've seen.
  • There wasn't a lot of thought that went into making this commercial. I hope the game turns out much much better.
  • They couldn't have picked a worse song for a video game trailer.

  • They were pretty honest with the virgin trying to flirt with girls over Xbox at 00:45.
  • Reporting the continuity of a tradition is the very antithesis of news.
  • The dog was the only badass in the video. Honestly, guns are so cowardly...
  • not the best song, but I would have killed myself if it was back in black again XP
  • I thought the commercial was great. I haven't been this excited for a Call of Duty since Modern Warfare 2. Although these games release every year, I think they provide dozens of changes/additions while staying true to itself as a franchise.
  • Gunfights in space? This is definitely a kids game now
  • Black ops 2 promo still far better. I don't really find this new commercial appealing or clever.
  • As an ad, it succeeds at speaking to it's consumer base, however does nothing to garner attention from different audiences. In other words, good commercial, but you still won't get my money.
  • I wasn't able to recognize anyone...maybe it's because I'm using my phone.
  • Normally Activision makes good live-action ads, but this is not one of them.

  • This was great. My favorite though is still the one with Kobe Bryant, that made me laught cause you never think of celebs playing video games.

  • Why do the bad guys always suck at aiming....
  • I believe this commercial speaks volumes about the problem CoD is having with consumers: It's appealing to its core base but not converting any new players. You always see a CoD title rake in the cash at midnight, but it seems like the only people that play CoD anymore are just the ones that've already pre-ordered the game. People six months from now just won't be picking up the game from Gamestop even when it's marked down because it'll be outdated. Still, an entertaining commercial, but not one that gets me any more or less excited for a game genre I be default am not interested for.
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