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South Park: The Stick of Truth

South Park: The Stick Of Truth Gets Release Date And Collector's Edition

The oft-delayed South Park: The Stick of Truth finally has a release date. After surviving the transition in publishers from now-defunct THQ to Ubisoft, Obsidian's RPG take on the quiet Colorado town will arrive before the end of the year.

In addition to the December 10, 2013, release date, the title is getting a collector's edition with both digital and physical bonuses. In addition to the "Fellowship Pack" that comes with all pre-orders (pictured below), the collector's edition comes with a vinyl Grand Wizard Cartman figure from Kidrobot and a Kingdom of South Park map.

Click to enlarge.

The collector's edition will be available for $79.99. You can check out the new trailer and screenshots below, our coverage from Gamescom, and an interview we conducted with South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the game.


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  • I must have this for the holiday!
  • I want this game so bad.
  • Ha, watching South Park right now. Excited for this game, it looks great. I'm guessing an 8-8.5 on GI, which is great!

  • Mod
    This trailer is the best thing ever created.

    "Come and fulfill your de-uhh. Fulfill your destin-uhh... fulfill your des-eh."

  • A perfect accompaniment to a very South Park Christmas.  I think this will be the first South Park game to look and feel like the show, and still be fantastic to play.

  • I may have to get that collector's edition. I haven't had the opportunity to get too many of those lately since they keep skipping the Wii U. Listen Warner Bros--if you make a Wii U collector's edition of Batman, I will buy that crap the second it's available to preorder.
  • aawesome cant wait.

  • Finally, a release date! Time to upgrade my edition.

  • Let's see if this Release date sticks.
  • Forget GTA, this is GOTY material.

  • Grrrreat!

  • I'm going to LOL so hard if this sucks.
  • Damn. Why did they have to push it back so far? I won't have my PS3 anymore by the time this comes. And I really, really wanna play this. :( Maybe I'll get lucky and they make a next gen version.

  • JOY TO THE WORLD!!!! Too bad it comes out during finals week.
  • I want this collectors edition but I'm worried that this game might flop and I don't want to drop $80 on a bad game.
  • This has to be the single worst release date I've ever seen. Most everyone will have their holiday shopping done by then and it will limit the cash people have on hand for a purchase. Not a good move by Ubisoft, which is disappointing, as I thought they've been making a ton of good moves recently.
  • So for and extra 20 bucks you get a vinyl figurine..hmmm. just for note you can already buy the 2 inch vinyls on there website for 10
  • Finally!

  • It's about time, can't wait till December.

  • my most anticipated current-gen game of this year

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