Whether its the game's radio stations or the more recent in-game TV programming, the GTA series offers a lot of satirical entertainment for your viewing and listening pleasure.

With the new update to its Los Santos tourist website, you can check out some previews of what GTA V has in store on the entertainment front. You can listen to previews of radio stations like Channel X (with DJ Keith Morris of Black Flag and the Circle Jerks) and West Coast Classic (featuring DJ Pooh, who helped write for the original San Andreas). On the TV side, you can watch trailers for programs like Kung Fu Lazer Rainbow Force, Impotent Rage, The Underbelly of Paradise, and Moorehead Rides Again.

There are also new updates in the Fitness & Relaxation (which touts a new energy bar called Ego Chaser) and the Security & Peace of Mind (sponsored by Annu-Nation, natch) areas of the website. Rockstar also released concept art (above) of a character named Lester as well as eight new screens that you can see below.