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XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within Trailer Showcases Biological Augmentation And Mechs

XCOM: Enemy Within, the substantial expansion pack on its way for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, has a new trailer, and it expands well beyond the original teaser.

As it states in the trailer, "These soldiers sacrifice much, but gain never before discovered combat effectiveness." You can augment your soldiers' biological make-up or toss them into mechs to make them much more powerful in Enemy Within. The aliens have become more formidable as well. In the trailer you'll see an invisible flying squid pulled straight from The Matrix.

XCOM: Enemy Within is coming on the very easy to remember release date November 12, which 11-12-13 numerically. For more on Enemy Within, head here.

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  • Anybody know how much?
  • I'm definitely getting this. Enemy Unknown is a great game, and getting all of these powers and new equipment is awesome. I sort of hope it adds some new weapons for the normal soldiers. I'm getting really sick of my laser rifles.
  • Can't wait, with The Bureau, and Enemy Unknown, I'm now a huge fan of the series. The Bureau is a much better game than people give it credit for.
  • Well, I wasn't sold on the Mec Trooper, but I am now. Falcon punches tend to do that for me.

    I don't understand why we couldn't just upgrade the Shivs to have similar capability, but who cares. Falcon punch.

  • It certainly looks like this will add a lot of fun stuff to the game. Eagerly await more info on the general gameplay tweaks (Like making Sectoids more common, they trailers kind of hint at it with them grouping with Mechtoid. It's a bit of a shame how they as the main grunts of the alien forces are basically never seen after the first hour of gameplay.) and what they're doing with the strategic layer. With some luck the class based ability heavies get when turned in to mech troopers is a really good one, so I finally have a use for them. Heavies aren't useless now by any means, but I'd rather have a soldier of any other class in their place :p
  • The fact that the aliens are also more powerful scares me enough.
  • So much awesome in this expansion. Enemy Within was amazing and this is going to make it even amazing...er.
  • Hnnnngg...

  • I'm getting a little bit of a Pacific Rim vibe from this trailer, especially with the rocket punch at the end. Looks awesome!
  • Looks like I'll be pulling this game back out during the holidays

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  • Does the game still unfold in the exact same order no matter how many times through?

    If so, count me out. Don't need new skins and a few weapons slapped onto an already played out campaign.

  • Might need to think about getting this again

  • Wow this will make me get this game again

  • "XCOM: Enemy Within is coming on the very easy to remember release date November 12, which 11-12-13 numerically."

    Is anything else coming out that day? I feel like a WHOLE LOT of publishers and companies want to launch on that day to get in on that numbering stuff. I still remember when the Dreamcast launched because Sega went and dropped it on 9/9/99 :D

  • This what I want more of.  Hopefully we can get a new X-COM game for the Next Gen system in the next couple of years.  If only we could get a new Final Fantasy Tactics or Advance Wars game.  I love these games we don't get them often.  I'll support all of the them, quality good ones, I can!

  • hate your crappy player, but on another note. Looks amazing

  • When this comes out I'm selling my version I have now to replace it with this version. Can't wait.

  • Great trailer. I loved Enemy Unknown and am excited for all the extras in Enemy Within.