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Bungie's Latest Destiny Video Reveals New Features And Gameplay Details

In its new gameplay-heavy Destiny video, Bungie reveals a wealth of information including the worlds you visit, character and weapon customization options, and powerful player abilities.

In addition to showing off a wide range of enticing gameplay footage, the video documentary from Bungie shares some exciting new information as well. The developer says that players will travel to a wide range of worlds, including Earth, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and the moon. Bungie also discusses Destiny's weapon system (which allows players to carry three guns at a time), seamless multiplayer matchmaking, and super abilities such as the Fist of Havok and Nova Bomb.

Destiny will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 sometime in 2014. For details on how Bungie plans to build a strong community for Destiny, check out our Gamescom preview.

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  • Cant wait.

  • I think we may have finally found that "Halo killer" game and it only took Bungie to make it.
  • Cant wait to play this.

  • Mod
    Part of my top five games I want to get my hands on, as soon as possible. I've never played BL(The game everyone compares this to)so this will be a fresh experience for me. I can't wait.
  • That was a awesome video.

  • I'm more excited for Titanfall, but hopefully one of my siblings will buy this so I can try it out.
  • Stoked. So stoked.

  • It's bad when my favorite part of the video was when loot was coming out of a box. I'm really looking forward to this game but I want to see more! It seemed like 98% of the video was recammed footage that we've seen over and over. :/
  • Mod
    Geez. Much more interesting and exciting than the dull E3 preview. I wonder how big the worlds will be. But what I'm thinking is... of how gruesome the installation time will be on current gen. Anywho, did anyone else notice that awesome rubbery keyboard (and that epic beard)? I'd love one of those (also the epic beard)!
  • so this can be played in 3rd person view?
  • Man, this, Arkham Origins, Link Between the Worlds, and Infamous are making me really excited for holiday 2013. In Destiny's case early 2014.
  • Every time I see this game, I take a step back because it looks exactly like Halo. I quit playing Halo in a big way years ago. The jumping finally got to me.

    But then I remember how much fun my wife and I used to have playing 1 & 2 and I figure a better Halo could be a good thing. Just include splitscreen and I'm in.

  • I'm so ready for this game. I'm actually excited to play this with random people.

  • Speeder Bikes! Where are my Lightsabers??

    TWIST! This is the start of the old republic.
  • This game just keeps looking more and more awesome!

  • I love Sage's beard

  • This looks so much better than Titanfall in my opinion, it looks to me that the world and STORY are deep and rich.. I can't wait to get my hands on this!

  • I'm probably going to spend the most time on the story and leveling up my guy, but I can't wait to kick buns in the competitive multiplayer. No one does multiplayer as well as Bungie.

  • this is Halo but with different cosmetics
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