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Batman: Arkham Origins

Rogue's Gallery

Warner Bros. has released a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins that features some of the villains with their crosshairs on Batman.

Firefly is one of eight assassins featured in Arkham Origins.

For more, here are some other villains we guessed might be in the game.

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  • Very well done trailer, it really did get me hyped...very hyped.

  • Game of the year. Still not sure how to play it though, because all I have right now is a Wii U, and the Wii U version of this is missing too many features.

  • Help me out here: Who was the (blond?/White-haired?)female Batman was fighting?
  • should I wait for a next gen port of this or just find 60 bucks to spare and get it at launch?

  • The game looks great, gonna miss Kevin Conroy for this one


  • So excited for this game!

  • hope this game makes more than one or two adjustments to the system..Love the first two Batman games but at the rate they are coming out...It is just more of the same...I hope it doesn't become like God of War which is the same game over and over...

  • Man this then AC4 coming out days from each other is going to be killer. This was really an awesome trailer. I'm excited to play this.

  • Wow. That was pretty good. Still dissapointed that the Multiplayer had to be added, but I'll just stick to the Single Player.

  • Collector's Edition ordered! I am actually looking forward to the multiplayer because it's being made by a separate company which means the single player will be entirely unaffected.

  • It's interesting that Deathstroke's design with and without his mask is straight out of Injustice Gods Among Us.

  • Deathstroke FTW

  • Quite the cast.