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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Get Ready For Launch With A New Trailer

Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series receives its newest installment tomorrow with the release of Blacklist. It's a great game, and you can get yourself psyched up for the sneaking and espionage with the latest trailer.

The video is light on gameplay and story, with a bigger focus on glamor shots of Sam and various spies and mercs. See for yourself by watching the trailer below.

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  • My body is ready.
  • In before the "No Michael Ironside".
  • This game looks cool. I will pick it up as I need a new game anyway. I am not psyched but more intrigued. I am having a hard time convincing my bro to get it with me as he says Sam is a cardboard character we know nothing about and thus care not at all. I hope this new entry opens some doors and answers some questions.
  • Very cool trailer, I'm excited to pick it up tomorrow. Also, I really liked that music. What song was that?
  • I can't get it until Friday. Stupid alternator.... using up my money. Can't wait to get my hands on this, though.
  • I'm pretty excited for this game!
  • looks cool

  • Aw man, can't wait to pick this up.  Glad for the return of Spies vs Mercs.

  • I have to wait 2 days longer but that just makes me more excited!

  • The Spies Vs Mercs online mode is a lot of fun too! Against a good group of people it's incredibly tense and exhilarating.
  • i've always really liked splinter cell. each one has a new idea that makes it worth checking out.

  • Has anyone read the books?
  • I'm torn between this and X-Com... I'm going to just buy both of them because they look freaking awesome.. I will play X-Com first, I have too!!

  • I just watched 1:39 of slo mo action porn.

  • I am currently building a Spies vs. Mercs crew for the Xbox 360. Must be at least 20 years old with good communication skills. Prior experience is a plus. This crew must be dedicated and loyal. A minimum of one hour of playtime daily is a requirement. Please message my profile if interested. DO NOT REPLY IN THIS COMMENT SECTION.

  • Awesome trailer! Can't wait to play this tomorrow.

  • Can not wait for this.

  • Been waiting since E3 12' for this one! Bout time!!!

  • Dumbest trailer for a stealth game I've ever seen. Other than that, totally getting this =D

  • he got to be a crap spy if he just walking around in the open and middle of the streets.

    Still think they should of just had Ironside as a mentor and a new guy, rather than just drop him like some filthy hollywood reboot.

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