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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Teasing Reveal In Three Days

Through the official Batman: Arkham Origins Twitter and Instagram accounts, Warner Bros. is teasing some kind of reveal to take place in three days.

This image has appeared a few times over the last few days on the Twitter account:

While this far more ambiguous image has appeared on the Instagram account:

Finally this image has also appeared on Twitter:

Do you have any guesses on what is getting teased here? It looks like it (or they) involve explosives. Whatever it is, we'll find out more in three days.

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  • Firefly

  • I'm telling you it's Firefly, look at the first photo, it looks like a jetpack. Ohhhh god I hope it's Firefly, mid-air battles would be great.

  • guessing either firefly or killer moth

  • It is a new assassin i bet.

  • It's actually two separate assassins: they're Fatman and Sniper Wolf

  • Hmmm....

  • To be honest, I find that teasers for trailers/more teasers are really stupid.

  • You know, I really wish they'd stop telling us everyone that's in the game before the game comes out. There were pretty much NO surprises (well, except the ending thing...) in all of Arkham City, thanks to them telling us everyone in it months before it came out.

  • I was in the beta.  It was pretty fun.