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Saints Row IV

Third Dev Diary Is About Weapons And Superpowers

In exactly one week, Saints Row IV will be upon us. In order to ensure that you are properly prepared, Deep Silver and Volition have provided a third developer diary and an infographic unlike any you've seen before.

The video below showcases some of the absurd weapons you'll encounter, including the Dubstep gun, black hole gun, the Violator, the Penetrator, and more. You'll also notice the different skins for each of the weapons, building on Saints Row's tradition of extensive customization.

The infographic that Deep Silver sent is both tongue-in-cheek and fascinating. In addition to the absurd (there are ten words for "crotch" in the game) there are some interesting customization and design details. For instance, there are 186 voice actors. 

Seven voices are available for players, which means the extensive protagonist dialog was recorded that many times. There are also 450 weapon upgrades across the 30 or so different tools of destruction, and 111 gun costumes that not only change the color, but also the base appearance without changing the performance of the firearm.

You can see that and more in the image below. Saints Row IV arrives on August 20, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Be sure to also watch the first two developer diaries about the past and present of Saints Row and the narrative.

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  • NOLAN NORTH IS AN ACCENT!!!!! Awesome.
  • Lol, southern, french, and nolan North.

  • That black hole gun looks like so much fun. I think that one will replace the chum shotgun from SR3 as my new favorite weapon.

  • Keith David is voice by Keith David? What a stunning revelation!

  • "YOUR BODY IS READY"......yes Saints Row IV my body is ready thank you for asking.
  • Does this come with a McDonalds kids meal and a free toy? ...no wait scratch that, that would be pretty awesome but the way this game is advertised and just this game in general seems like its for 12-15 year olds. There's nothing wrong with that but it bothers me that its a full priced game.
  • I really hope that they bring back Fuzz. That was a fun activity. And it sounds like they've put a lot more time, effort, and content into this one.

  • Okay you know the whole *** crazy wacky stuff is really starting to grow on me.I mean this sounds like something I could dump a lot of time into this.Its just sounds like a really crazy fun game just what I need.

  • More awesome info. I'm so ready for next week.

  • I love the stupidity of this game, it makes it so unique! Already pre-ordered it because I just love that dub-step gun

  • I lost it when i saw the tong.

  • Saints's Row 1 has 0% Shuandi

  • Oh my god, Nolan North? He voices DeadPool! That's awesome.

  • seriously, wait I can't be serious when talking about Saints Row IV. All those customizations and collectables will keep me in my room for the next oh I don't know....YEAR! about ready to tell the gas and electric company they can wait to get paid. SR IV is more important....well sort of.

  • Well done. Already pre-ordered.

  • Does anybody know if you can offline system-link like the previous titles? They never report on this specifically which is why I am trying to find out.