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WWE 2K14

30 Years Of Wrestlemania

In celebration of Wrestlemania 30, the WWE and 2K Sports are bringing the history of the cultural phenomenon to fans in WWE 2K14. The single-player mode for this year's entry features the highlights of over 45 matches from wrestling's biggest event.

The 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode includes the biggest matchups, including Wrestlemania 3's bout between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant and Wrestlemania 28's match between The Rock and John Cena. The mode will be split up into five eras, with special filters and video packages to give players the feel of watching those moments when they happened.

Additionally, 2K Sports and the WWE will be announcing WWE 2K14's full roster live from Summer Slam on Twitch.tv. You can tune into www.twitch.tv/2K this Saturday, August 17, 2013, at 12:30 pm Pacific.

WWE 2K14 will be released on October 29, 2013, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

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  • Oooooh yeah brother.
  • That's awesome! Man, my interest in this game continues to increase. I haven't bought or played a new wrestling game in years. I think the last one I played was Smackdown 2.

  • To be honest I won't be buying this, I don't play sports games. But it does sound really awesome, like NBA 2K11's Jordan Challenge. And just knowing that such cool features are in games that I don't even play is enough to excite me.
  • Nice - Attitude Era was really well done... just hoping for Psycho Sid in this one!

  • I like these new additions that have been put in the game. I loved WWE'13's "Attitude Era Mode" It was excellent and I'm sure this game will be nothing but better!

  • Where's my Randy Savage vs Ricky Steamboat Wrestlemania III match?!
  • This game looks great!

  • Only Wrestlemania I have ever completely watched was 21. I thought the JBL vs John Cena match was pretty good, but not sure how that one stacks up compared to the classics.
  • So it's just Legends of WrestleMania?

  • All I know is, they better have something related to the Undertaker. He's never lost when fighting at WrestleMania, and some of his fights (like the one with Shawn Michaels) was an instant classic. If they really wanted to, they could make the equivalent of the Jordan Challenge, just with the Undertaker instead.
  • The WWE should really consider releasing games every two years or so as opposed to every year. They can make money in between games by releasing uodated rosters and new arenas as DLC. I feel like the roster doesn't change enough to warrant new games so often, hence them having to throw in a gimmick like the attitude era and now this. It's the only way they can keep customers coming back, by releasing some nostalgia filled gimmick game that stems from the fact that the current WWE product has no appealing current wrestlers and horrible writers compared to what they had years ago. Rant over...
  • I honestly though 2K would make more better WWE games because they have medium-good polish in their sports games, say like example their NBA 2k games. I just hope that they do add more stuff that makes your game much more personalized than the other THQ WWE games.
  • I'm sold if it has the Bushwackers.
  • If they could just overhaul the universe mode, that would be great. I mean it is pretty good as is for the moment in WWE 13, but there's so much potential, especially if you're like me and struggle with the story creation options cause it is a tad overwhelming.

    So hopefully on top of this they could also just have a complete redo on the announcing clips because I swear I've been hearing the same one liners from Michael Cole since 2007.

  • I cant wait til this comes out. I have the deadman edition preordered

  • If they go all out and put in everyone that's ever been in a high-profile 'Mania match, I'll be so happy.  I want Big John Studd!

  • Anyone remember No Mercy (N64) or WWF Attitude (PS2/Dreamcast)?

    Those were the last wrestling games I played.