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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Grab Martian Manhunter Today For Injustice: Gods Among Us

Martian Manhunter, the alien from another planet with the power of flight and super strength who isn't Superman, is available to download today on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Mr. Manhunter may not be the most recognizable member of the Justice League, but he is among the strongest of its members. To learn more about him, you can check out the handy trailer below, which details his history. You can also check out this trailer, which shows more gameplay of Martian Manhunter.

You can grab him right now for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360, and a little bit later today for $4.99 on the PlayStation Network.

For more on Injustice: Gods Among Us, make sure to check out our review.

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  • Geez, so much DLC for this game. I am not a big comic book reader, but I am assuming that the characters being released, like this guy, are a big deal?
  • Can't wait to see his six special moves and one epic move all in one match and then be bored with him, like every other character in this game. I liked the style of the game, but every character feels and plays pretty identical to me. Every move is away or toward, up or down, plus a face button. Every single one. And each character has ONE endlessly repeated epic move. Got so boring, so fast.
  • I'm not big fan of the DLC

  • Whoa.

  • OREOS!
  • I miss Justice League Unlimited, it was such a good show.

  • Finally.

  • So no second season pass?
  • I've been saying it since MK V DC and will continue to. If DC characters cannot die this game will not survive, not matter how many new one you bring in. There's nothing satisfying to do at the end of the battle like the fatalities in MK. An opportunity to "Finish" you're opponent after prevailing through the battle. The new specials moves are cool but get boring after awhile. How does it make sense to execute a crazy powerful move but just one more measly punch is all it took to beat the guy on the second bar of life if you did't happen to win with the special move...I like MK, I like DC, but these spin off fighting games just aren't cutting it lately.
  • I thought MS was stepping away from the points system and converting to real currency.
  • Flight and super strength? You almost make him sound like an unoriginal superman clone. His most notable qualities, by far, are his telepathy, intangibility and ability to shape shift.

    I am not a comic book nerd, either. I just happened to catch the cartoons a few times.

  • Oh this looks good.

  • Awww crap. Another Wii U wait?  What gives?

  • Injustice has been freezing so much today...

  • Sweeeeet

  • YES!!!! FINALLY!!! And are you guys crazy? "Mr. Manhunter may not be the most recognizable member of the Justice League". He was pretty much the leader. In the comics even Superman would default to his judgement.
  • We all finally got are wish. The most powerful being on the planet is now playable! And that's not my opinion, it's Superman's.

  • Haven't bought any DLC for this game but I'm thinking of purchasing both Batgirl and Manhunter.
  • "Martian Manhunter, the alien from another

    planet with the power of flight and super

    strength who isn't Superman"...  Hilarious!!

  • I like the way he plays. Enough to keep people at range, and some to get in close. Also, John Stewart comes with this as well. My son loves John, and he was ecstatic when he saw him. I just wish he was separate. Overall, great additions.

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