In the latest Saints Row IV Hail to the Chief video, we see our hero turn the alien's tech against an innocent dump truck. We've used the black hole gun, and we've made pedestrians do the robot with the dub step gun. Now, it's time to get extraterrestrial.

See the abduction gun in action in the third of these videos. Want to see what you've missed? We've got the first two here and here.

Additionally, the title has gone gold, and Deep Silver has announced a season pass that will include two add-on mission packs. For $9.99, players will get a spoof version of the Enter the Dominatrix DLC that was originally planned as DLC for Saints Row: The Third and one other pack. Additionally, the "Rectifier" anal probe weapon that caused a stir in Australia, will be offered exclusively to Season Pass holders.

Saints Row IV arrives on August 20, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.