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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Limited Edition Includes The Typical Collectible Extras

Ubisoft is planning a limited edition version of the upcoming Watch Dogs, and it includes all the extras we have come to expect from the standard collector's edition.

For $129.99, you will get the game, a 9" statue of Aiden, a replica of the mask he wears in the game, a special steel case for your copy of the game, the Watch Dogs soundtrack, and an art book. The Limited Edition will be available on release for all consoles, except the Wii U.

Watch Dogs is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U on November 19. Since the launch dates for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have not yet been determined, the release dates for the next-gen version of Watch Dogs have similarly not been revealed.

Ubisoft asks that if you do buy the Limited Edition to not use the mask as an excuse to become a vigilante.

For more on Watch Dogs, head here to learn six fun things to do in the city, and to read our extended preview.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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  • What is the deal with Wii U not getting limited editions? I mean seriously!? And these companies wonder why the Wii U version will sell less copies, because you are selling a watered down version!

  • To be clear, there will be a PS4/XB1 version of this for the same price?
  • These type of games don't need statues they need something more original. A mock cell featuring info and art about the game would be much cooler and warrant the high price tag instead of standard art books and statues.

  • I swear this game was meant to be Desmond's story and they just made a few changes to the story and slapped a new name on it.
  • Probably just going to rent (or pirate) it. Ubi$oft doesn't deserve my money anymore. Not after lying about Rainbow Six: Patriots and turning Assassin's Creed into their Call of Duty.
  • The mask is tight. Could care less about anything else. Is that the Misfits logo?

  • "Ubisoft asks that if you do buy the Limited Edition to not use the mask as an excuse to become a vigilante."

    F*ck that, as soon as I put on the mask I'm hitting the streets!
  • Cool beans.

  • Isn't the mask just his pulled up turtleneck?

  • I want this.

  • So, it doesn't come with a copy of "The NSA's Complete Guide to Hacking"?
  • I think i will just get the regular edition for PS4.

  • I'd rather get the standard edition.

  • I just pre-ordered this one and the AC4 limited edition! Yay for me!

  • I'll pass, just the regular disc and box for me, on PS4.

  • i want that mask

  • Damn. If I get this I'll probably have to cancel my pre order for Battlefield 4.

  • The statues nice
  • meh

  • I would love to get this game but it just came out at the wrong time. GTA v is going to destroy it.