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SoulCalibur II HD Online

This Stage Of History Was Set A Decade Ago

Ten years ago, Namco Bandai brought it's weapon-focused 3D fighter to all three of that generation's platforms. Unless you only had one system, there was a decision to make thanks to exclusive characters on each platform. Today, the publisher has announced the return of Soul Calibur II with an HD update and online play.

Unfortunately, it appears that only one of the three platform-exclusive characters will be included. It was folly to even hope that Link would be included, especially since this is only coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. However, while watching the trailer below, we were hoping that licensing for Spawn might have been worked out. Alas, the most boring of the three, Heihachi from Tekken, is the only one included.

Still, SoulCalibur II is one of the best entries in the franchise, with a deep weapon hunting mode filled with unique match rules, and made even better with the inclusion of online play. It will be available later this year.

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  • Still the greatest game in the franchise, but lacking the two better exclusive characters sucks. Does not see Link. Does not see Spawn. Does not want.
  • If there's a WiiU version that comes out later, I'll get it. If it has Link, that is. Well, I'm sure I'll get it anyways but a guy can dream.

  • Bah, why not include all the bonus exclusive characters?
  • No WiiU version with Link, no buy. I'll stick with my Gamecube copy.
  • Still a great game.....But yeah,no Link sucks :(

  • Yawn. I want Shenmue or Seaman or Skies of Arcadia or Grandia 2. Come on Sega, don't you want my money? Really I just want Shenmue, where is Shenmue?
  • IMO, this is the best fighting game that I've played. Especially with Spawn on the original XBOX. SoulCalibur II was a blast and it'll be great to revisit.

  • Holy crap I was just thinking about how awesome an hd remake of this would be TODAY. Odd how you can predict things and not know it. Strange world indeed.

    This is the best game of the series in my opinion with the exception of 3. everything after that got worse and worse.

  • we need a Wii U version with Link. until then, no sale.
  • Mod
    I still have this game for GC. I still suck at this game for GC.
  • No Spawn :(

  • that was my guess.

  • Hmmmmm... There appears to be a Missing Link.
  • I might be in if the price is right. The exclusive characters were far from my faves, which are all here, so I'm set. Not saying Link and Spawn wouldn't be nice, but I played them considerably less (and Heihachi not at all.. in SCII anyway).
  • Awesome!  I mean, man, who cares!

  • I take it back, and agree with the other dude. I played this game a lot, but only as Spawn. Spawn was great. No spawn, no dice! Wouldn't buy it either way, though.
  • Yeah, it's so great that even on the easiest difficulty I could never even approach it on my GC copy without finding some cheap way to survive, unlike with Virtua Fighter 5 or the Injustice demo. I get how for pros it was all great, but as a game for newbies, it was brutally unfair in my experience.
  • DANG IT WHY IS IT HEIHACHI? I mean yes Link would be ideal, though wouldn't happen due to Xbox and Playstation only...but Spawn was awesome too and Heihachi just isn't as cool. I'll buy this since it was the best one I think. It had the best single player and extra modes and the best mimic character, Charade.
  • will this inspire them to stop sucking?

  • I know it's annoying when Wii-U players or Vita owners complain, "BRING IT TO (our system)!", but seriously, wtf, Namco? You're DEVELOPING SMASH BROS. FOR NINTENDO - why *** them over so bad everywhere else? The best selling SKU of Soul Calibur II was on Gamecube. Tales of Symphonia is the best selling Tales game outside of Japan (maybe out of the whole series, period), and it was a Gamecube exclusive. Yet BOTH HD remakes are headed to.... everyone but Nintendo. Usually, I can understand people not supporting the Wii-U 'cuz it's so underpowered compared to where they want to put their games now. But these are GAMECUBE REMAKES. There is literally no good reason for Namco to act like this. It's truly, truly baffling.
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