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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Sowing The Seas For Adventure

Ubisoft has released a video walkthrough of the Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag mission the company showed at E3. The clip shows off some of the best parts of being a pirate, including finding buried treasure, taking out enemy ships, and expanding your fleet of ne'er-do-wells.

The clip doesn't show off how assassin Edward Kenway took on the mission that kicked off this particular chain of sequences (read our E3 preview for that), but it does highlight some of the game's major systems, with a focus on Kenway's pride and joy, the Jackdaw.

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  • This looks excellent and will probably play excellent on my Ps4! I hated AC3, I just thought it was so dumb and clunky and really didn't enjoy the new main character. On a side note, the world itself looks deeply extensive and reminds me of the days of Ezio..
  • It looks beautiful.. and i'm not concerned about the naval combat or the combat.. what i'm worried about is how they simplify things like finding the treasure.. He just walked up and pressed circle.. got the treasure.. just like in AC III when you needed to solve a mystery you would turn eagle vision on and it would tell you exactly what to do, and it wouldn't give you a harder option for solving the "mystery".
  • They should have shown this demo at e3! This was a way better demo and showed a lot of aspects of the game we didn't know about yet.
  • This franchise died after ACII its going the way of COD...so very sad
  • The game is releasing on 6 different platforms? Wow. That's a lot of man power.

  • i'm going to buy and play this day one, but like i said before, i'm not excited about the pirate missions (reason i didn't platinum AC3)...
  • After being disappointed with AC3, I'm cautiously optimistic with this game. Although I won't be buying it day 1. Gonna wait for a price drop, which seems to happen faster than you think nowadays.

  • AC3 has really given me pause to continue buying AC games, but the more I see of Black Flag the more I am finding it increasingly difficult to resist. If it reviews well, and I mean significantly better than the shamelessly bloated scores of AC3, I'm in.
  • I'm so excited to pick this up on my birthday at midnight. I easily put in 120+ hours into AC3 & I have a good feeling I'll be putting even more into this one.

  • Looking good, just do more bug testing on this one, k ubi?
  • I kind of wish that Ubisoft would of just created an all new pirate game with similar mechanics and not dragged the whole Assassins's Creed name into it. This game is going to be awesome, no doubt, but I'm kind of sick of the whole Templar vs. Assassins thing. Anybody feel me on this one?
  • I was disappointed with AC3 and was going to write off this game after the Ubisoft E3 conference, but damn if that didn't seem like a whole lot of fun. Reminds me of Red Dead in a way.

  • Looks awesome! I can hardly wait to play it but gonna hold off just a bit to get the PS4 version.

  • I don't like how you can only board a ship once its mast is down. I feel that eliminates some of the fun, and challenge on boarding a ship.

  • This game looks awesome, and it's about time they make a good pirate game.

  • I almost cried happy tears when I noticed they did away with AC3's dumb regenerative health bar. The whole interface is just much improved, and it seems like this game is going to balance all the good things about past AC games with the better of the changes from AC3. Seriously anxious to get my hands on this.

  • Wow... Watching this after watching the new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V makes me just laugh at this game. You can tell when developers put a lot of time and care into something and when a series has become cheap and, pardon my french, whored out...

    Don't get me wrong, it still looks okay, but I'm not rushing to pre-order, much less buy this title any time soon. Sorry Ubisoft...

  • AC3 dissapointed me with its story but the gameplay wsd preety fun, i just feel they lost the whole assassins story and the brotherhood, hopefully this one will be better then AC3

  • Holy hell this looks awesome. Interested about that whole fleet thing. Can you actually sail with your entire fleet or is it just for show?

  • Ubisoft should just stop giving lessons of fake history mumbo jumbo, concentrate on expanded locations, lots of hard targets,and complete freedom to do it. Assassins creed 3 was a gorgeous looking game, but the story and the missions were such a let down,  I mean, you have kill your own father,and when you finally get Charles lee in the end, the stupid and beautiful cutscence does it for you. Come On ubisoft , I'm your biggest fan and angry...And I am and will always be waiting for a open world batman game from ubisoft. Only you guys can do justice with batman