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Rambo: The Video Game

Here's Your First Look At Rambo: The Video Game

Rambo is getting a new video game this year, and its first gameplay trailer is online.

You can check out the trailer for the game from little-known Reef Entertainment below. The game will be available this winter for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • In a time where announcements such as next-gen consoles and GTA V ect ect ect are popping up like summer lillies, this game is showing massive balls by getting announced, just like the narrator of it

  • It looks awful.

  • OMG, they finally did it! I've dreamed of the day someone finally made a Rambo game. Good or bad, I'm still getting it (you have no idea how much of a Stallone fan I am. Just watched Bullet to the Head, despite the negative reviews...and actually liked it).

  • Isn't Far Cry 3 Rambo the video game?

  • i literally spent five minutes just laughing at how awful his face is! and lets be honest, far cry 3 is as close to a good rambo game as we'll get.

  • hmmm

  • Jesus this looks bad, and they made Stallone uglier than what he looks now, how did they made that possible?..
  • GOTY Nominees: Grand Theft Auto V Bioshock Infinite The Last of Us ... Rambo: The Video Game NOBODY SAW THAT COMING
  • I hope this game kicks-ass.  I also hope Natalie Portman delivers my pizza one day.  

  • Can't be as bad "Retribution: Ride to Hell"....oh, wait.

  • Whats a single word to use to describe a game that will be spectacularly bad??... I think the word we are looking for is.... Craptacular.

  • Whut?? .. i... cant.. Sigh* .. i just ROFL!

  • As long as Weird Al Yankovic shows up and blatantly starts screaming at things while they explode lol...Oh Rampo lol

  • It's like they tried to imitate MGS3 and failed miserably at it.

  • They should just stop.  Pretend it was just a joke! :)  I'm half assuming this is actually a joke, judging by the blockyness of the trailer.

  • This looks AMAZING!

  • *** thats gonna be so bad but c'moooon, it's RAMBO for christs sake !

  • So they mocapped action figures? I smell game of the year.

  • I'm not sure if I like Lara's new character model...

  • What the hell?  The character model looks really terrible.