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Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV Celebrates Independence Day With Profanity-Laden Speeches

Saints Row IV is all about the things America loves most – super-powers, violence against invading space aliens, and dressing like Uncle Sam while toting a gigantic flame-thrower/machine gun.

It's no surprise that Saints Row has put together a trailer to honor Independence Day. You can check out it below. The only question now, is who would win in a duel? The man pictured in the image above? Or mechanical Washington from Bioshock Infinite.

Saints Row IV is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20. For more on Saints Row IV, you can check out this ten-minute playthrough.

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  • Well clearly if Aliens to invade. Best hope a Saint is in office. May have a hope in hell to kick ass. At least for America at least. Rest of the world....well...........just send them all to Australia.

  • Was that Matt Miller from the Deckers I spotted getting punched in the face?
  • I'm so excited for this,August needs to get here quick

  • Just like them :)

  • Hey Kinzie, you wanna ....?

    Hah! :D

    Why can't this game come out tomorrow?!?!

  • I'm so excited for this game. It looks like they have new hair and clothing too! I love Saints Row!!
  • i just want to use super powers lol

  • Anal Probing Overlords? TAKE MY MONEY!

  • I am anxious for this game. Saints Row is awesome.

  • F**king awesome.

  • Yep. An American game for an American holiday. Too bad they couldn't have planned this for a 4th of July. That'd just be too sweetly ironic. This looks absolutely crazy and I don't know if good or bad.