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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Costume Pre-Order Bonus Added To Lightning Returns

Pre-orders for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are getting an added bonus that will definitely please fans of the PlayStation era of Final Fantasy.

Putting down a reserve on the game will finally give you the opportunity to make Lightning cos-play as one of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy's history. Along with getting Cloud's Soldier 1st class uniform, you will also get his buster sword, a soldier band, and the Final Fantasy VII victory fanfare and animation, all of which you can see in action in the trailer below.

For more on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, check out the E3 demo, and the E3 trailer. Lightning Returns is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 February 11, 2014.

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  • I'd preorder just for that. not even lying. lol.

    Still, maybe this is them finally admitting that Lightning is pretty much Cloud with breasts? heck, if they ever did remake FF7 (way to tease everyone with the awesome HD outfit and sword), Cloud could probably wear a Lightning outfit during the cross dressing part as an easter egg of sorts!

  • Too bad fans that love a masterpiece like FF VII would never bother touching anything more from the FF XIII series. Giving her a Cloud costume doesn't make the story any better or the characters any less lame.
  • i wanna know when i can buy crisis core off psn to play on my vita, cant believe they havent released a digital form of it yet. and this costume is lame lol i want a ff7 remake or sequel! Playing a character dressed up as one of my fav ff characters is not gonna cut it for me

  • Cloud sure changed a lot during these few years.

  • The outfit looks a bit wonky to me. Shoulder pads look off. As far as the game goes I am going to stay optimistic for it. Although, there are going to have to be great reviews on the game to get me to pay full price. I'll be keeping an open mind on it.

  • I...must...pre..order..now.

  • Most people would be sold if you could "unlock" Cloud's limit break with it.

  • I suppose Lightning DOES come from Clouds, right? /facepalm
  • I played final fantasy 7,8,9,and 10. I thought they where all excellent games. I never played 11 or 12. I did play 13 for about nine and a half hours waiting for the game to open up. then I found out its is even more liner than most first person shooter. I hate first person shooters they are boring and final fantasy 13 was so boring. I mean after nine and a half hours the scenery changed twice. you just follow a set path with almost no turns no chance to explore just walk down a hallway kill some bad guys and repeat over and over again. I will pass on this one thanks.
  • Looks awesome, I'll probably just scrap the outfit, and just use the buster sword instead though.

  • well ***... am I really so easily manipulated... I've got time we'll find out.


  • im very skeptical of this game...i want the pre order bonuses..but then i look at ffxiii-2 and im torn..guess ill find out..hope they bring very little from 13-2

  • Seeing as how Lightning is basically a female Cloud, I'm not surprised that this happened at all.

    Passing on Xlll-3 though, I don't like Lightning (or most of the Xlll cast really) at all, and I can't take the combat system seriously after playing better games like Kingdom Hearts.

  • Fraggin double post.
  • Now that's sweet. I'm still waiting for square enix to remake ff7 with the power of the new consoles now that would be a real treat.

  • Like we needed to make Final Fantasy characters any more androgynous. For F's sake SquareEnix, give up a remake of FFVII already and quit it with these annoying teases. Your games are getting less and less relevant these days. Time to change up the formula again!