The latest from Serellan  (a team made up of developers who have worked on such titles as Halo, Ghost Recon, and SOCOM) is Takedown: Red Sabre. Meant to be a more tactical approach to shooters, Takedown pits the player against enemies in close-quarters, making the player think on his or her feet in order to progress.

Levels are built with replay value in mind, as they are nonlinear and offer multiple ways to reach objectives.  Strategies employed in Takedown are modeled after real-life tactics used by SWAT and Special Operations Forces to take down enemies in close combat scenarios. 

If you prefer to run and gun over coming up with strategies when playing a shooter, Takedown may not be your style. Be sure to take a look at the screenshots first, though.

Keep an eye out for Takedown: Red Sabre on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade this fall.