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Takedown: Red Sabre

Screenshots Show Off 505 Games' Tactical Shooter

The latest from Serellan  (a team made up of developers who have worked on such titles as Halo, Ghost Recon, and SOCOM) is Takedown: Red Sabre. Meant to be a more tactical approach to shooters, Takedown pits the player against enemies in close-quarters, making the player think on his or her feet in order to progress.

Levels are built with replay value in mind, as they are nonlinear and offer multiple ways to reach objectives.  Strategies employed in Takedown are modeled after real-life tactics used by SWAT and Special Operations Forces to take down enemies in close combat scenarios. 

If you prefer to run and gun over coming up with strategies when playing a shooter, Takedown may not be your style. Be sure to take a look at the screenshots first, though.

Keep an eye out for Takedown: Red Sabre on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade this fall.

  • Sounds great. I'll probably give this a try.

  • Might keep an eye on this

  • "Running and gunning" which is Call of Duty. In Battlefield, I was "running and giving out medic kits and revive people". But this? I hope I'll be best to sneak in and gun.
  • Someone trying a different approach to the shooter genre? Blasphemy!
  • Remember that game called SWAT? Yeahhhhhh... I'll stick to counter-strike.
  • actually looks pretty fun.

  • actually looks pretty fun.

  • This looks like it has a Rainbow Six kinda feel to it. If you are more into an older Ghost Recon type then I would definately check out Ground Branch.H-Hour: Worlds Elite on kickstarter seems to have a lot of potential as well.

  • not enough good tactical shooters, I really hope this is decent.

  • Cool.

  • 505 is on a tear lately. This game and PayDay 2 both look pretty good.

  • Got to agree: anything that's going for the old R6/SWAT principles is worth at least keeping an eye on.

  • man i've waiting for the old tact shooter to makes it debut, i miss old rainbow/graw style of game play

  • I was wondering what the socom guys were up to.

  • First of all, no PSN release? F***. I wish I never gave this Kickstarter $5 now.

    Secondly, no Rainbow Six style mapping/planning phase? I am disappointed. Although it's still important for games to come out in the FPS genre that AREN'T ripping off linear, dumb, skill-free, XP-earning, setpiece-driven action games. Of course, it's not like the brodudes will show up for anything that's not that, but that's okay Takedown. You'll find an audience.

    Seriously though; ****ing get this on PSN.

  • Looks cool. I'd like some details though.

  • So...looks like Ghost Recon and Red Orchestra had a brainchild.

  • love to have more tactical options in fps'. too few thinking man's shooters out there.
    too bad no PSN, but ill be sure to check it on on xbx.