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Dying Light

You Can Rest When You're Dead

Techland's Dead Island and Dying Light are both first-person action games set after the zombie apocalypse, but the studio is quick to keep them separate. As a new CG trailer shows, a key distinction is that the survivors in Dying Light don't appear to be the helpless underdogs we're accustomed to seeing.

The trailer shows a group heading toward a supply beacon. Rather than laboriously slog through the abandoned cityscape, the group freeruns through the environments accompanied by Woodkind's "Run Boy Run." It's certainly more efficient than taking the stairs one at a time, but the aggressive approach isn't any less dangerous.

Tim recently spoke to Techland about what made Dying Light different from Dead Island, and you can hear what the studio had to say in his preview.

Dying Light is set for release on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 later this year.

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  • this game would go great with the earforce px 22.
  • If they can implement free-running like Mirrors Edge style, this could be amazing!
  • Mod
    Oh god-- the PX 22!!! SO TERRIFYING! Make it stop!!! AGH! *dies*

    I went to a different tab while I was waiting for the ad to finish. When I came back, it restarted. This game looks better than I thought. Run boy, run! This was one of the best trailers I've ever seen!!! ELECTRIC HEADSHOT!
  • That was a very well done trailer, I just wished we would have gotten some actual gameplay. Also what is Cole MacGrath doing in Dying Light?
  • Meh.
  • This looks really good...though the only reason that it does is the Mirror's Edge movement.

  • Man, these guys really know how to make a trailer, that's for sure.
  • I was excited until I saw it was a Techland game. Maybe they'll prove me wrong, but the dead island games are buggy and generic. Hopefully this one will be different.
  • Techland sure does know how to make a trailer for their game.

  • eh trailer looks cool... but people are sure milking the Zombie thing- what its been two years, which zombies appear in games, movies, and TV series? don't get me wrong i like zombies and i even plan to create a zombie game myself (although completely different from the common storyline for zombies these days) but come on...

    Regardless i hope for the best for them

  • Yeah, that was an epic trailer.

  • for the song you wrote "Woodkind" instead of "Woodkid"

  • Love dead island (both) so i am very interested in this game!

  • Nice.

  • That was a great trailer, but that song was just awful.
  • Loved it. Woodkid is awesome.

  • Eh, a few of those jumps where WAAAY too flourish-y, like they were doing a parkour video on youtube rather than survive the zombie onslaught. Also, that "electric wrench" seemed like something more out of Dead Rising 2.
  • Techland has a habit of making phenomenal trailers, but making mediocre games, so I'll stay way until I actually know it's worth getting
  • Well, if that has free running in it then my dreams will have come true. Reminds me of a mixture of Dead Island/Mirror's Edge/inFamous (based on trailer). P.S. That weapon he was holding looked like Cole MacGrath's Amp in inFamous.
  • I like this trailer a lot, probably better than the Dead Island trailer. If only because this has a tone at least somewhat similar to what the game will have. The Dead Island trailer made it look like it would have a rich story with compelling, hard-hitting moments, which were nowhere to be found.

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