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Saints Row IV

E3 2013 Trailer Shows Off The President... All Of Him

It has begun! The first E3 trailers are rolling in, and the bar is already set high. Deep Silver and Volition have delivered the latest for Saints Row IV.

In the latest trailer, we see more of the President than we probably need to as he awakens in the Zin simulation. As he fights his way out, we get a chance to see the rest of the cast in action (including two Shaundis). Of course, one of the biggest attractions, superpowers, are on hand as the Commander in Chief flies through the air with nothing to encumber him. Nothing.

You can check out the new trailer below. Saints Row IV arrives for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on August 20, 2013.

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  • I hope this one has more content than the third. It's nice to see them actually using old characters like Benjamin King. Plus, the old Shaundi was cooler than the new one.
  • This is why I love Saints Row. "Your're beautiful...I was talking to the robot" With so many games coming out The Last of Us GTA V ACIV BF4 and Watch Dogs I just don't know where Saints will fit in there
  • This game looks amazingly absurd and I kind of want it.
  • KEITH DAVID! *Preorders game*

  • To bad they're not bringing back Gat, he's my favorite character in the series.
  • must HAVE NOWWWWW. this game looks so awesome and hilarious at the same time.

  • I'm sold.

  • WTF!!!!  OK Old and New Shaundi...sold!!!!!!

  • This looks like the best, dumbest thing I have ever laid eyes on.
  • I thought that this installment was going nuts. I was right, but I was wrong that it would not be this dramatic. You, Volition and Deep Silver, have my money.

  • That trailer! And this game! August needs to roll around right now.

  • Ohohohoho What'll those crazy saints get into now!? Those crazy guyz are always getting into wild hijinx! hahahahahahahahahahaha...-_-
  • So basically a retread of the Burt Reynolds joke from the third game but with Kieth David now? Yeah, no matter how many explosions and "awesome" things this game tries to hide behind, it's still going to be ***. It's like the developers think everyone has ADHD and tries to keep their attention by throwing as much shiny stuff they can find at the screen as quickly as possible.
  • I like how you get to pilot a mech in this game. We need more open world games with giant mechs in them. I mean, who doesn't love giant robots?
  • Despite how silly the game will be I find this trailer heartwarming.


  • Was that seriously narrated by the Duke Jon St john?!

  • I'm not a big fan of SR, but this was pretty funny.

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