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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist Trailer Shows Off Cooperative Play

Sam Fisher won’t be alone in his upcoming adventure. The new trailer for Blacklist shows off the cooperative mission structure for the game, which includes four different mission types across fourteen maps. The trailer also touts the availability of both two-player online and split-screen play.

The new cooperative game modes star Sam Fisher working alongside fellow operative Isaac Briggs, and the progress made in the cooperative missions will feed into each player’s larger game progress. Using the Strategic Mission Interface, Blacklist aims to pull the single player and multiplayer Splinter Call game modes together into a cohesive whole, uniting your progress in any of the game modes under a single profile. By completing cooperative missions, players gain access to new weapons and gadgets that might not otherwise be available. 

Splinter Cell Blacklist is hitting PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC on August 20 in North America. 

Check out the trailer and new screens below, and share your thoughts on the new cooperative mode in the comments below. For more on Blacklist, check out our recent look at the competitive Spies Vs. Mercs game mode that is returning in Blacklist. 

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  • Looks pretty good and 14 maps for co-op at launch sounds like a good deal.

  • Cool.

  • GOTY.
  • Glad they are bringing back the classic spies vs mercs multi-player,I don't think it'll be the same though as Splinter Cells turned from a slow paced stealth game to a semi run and gun/mark and kill multiple enemies shoot em up.
  • Mod

    I want this game so bad! I don't know why I've never played this series before. And the inclusion of co-op? Sam Fisher, one day!

  • Splinter cell conviction was fantastic! I'll be picking this one up as well!
  • Cool. Love that they are doing and expanding Split Screen.
  • Wow. A black dude. I was totally expecting another gruff looking white boy.
  • I really don't understand why they constantly keep making these games as "co-op". They did the same with Dead Space 3.. I just think it's useless, probably just me.
  • **BRAAAHHHH** I can't wait for this game (>_
  • I can't wait to play Mercs vs. Spies in this game. I am eagerly awaiting August 20th, and hopefully I can convince a buddy or two to buy it as well.

  • Looks cool, but I don't know about the co-op. I've fallen off SC ever since they started moving it away from it's stealth roots and more into an action game. Making it co-op just seems like they're driving that wedge even further in to make it more actiony.
  • Cool to see them grasp at every straw to pull in their old fan base.

  • awesome,i might get this for co-op

  • Wow. That was awesome!

  • My body is ready. Can't wait for this damn game.
  • It's gonna be hard to top Conviction's coop mode though...

  • Looking good in the hood this game is.

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