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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Meets Deathstroke, Deadshot, And Black Mask In First Trailer

If there's one thing that we learned from our month of Batman: Arkham Origins coverage, is that our readership is extremely excited to return to Gotham City. If you've been keeping up with our previews, you know that the story's villian, Black Mask, has tasked a number of assassins to bring down The Dark Knight.

In this first trailer, we see Batman square off in a lengthy battle with Deathstroke. We also get a feel for how Black Mask is motivating his paid hitmen. Let's just say the rivalries aren't friendly.

The trailer also confirms Deathstroke as a playable character. It's not clear yet if he's structured like Catwoman's Arkham City missions, a set of challenge missions, or something completely different. And be sure to look for the clever nod to Green Arrow (could this be a hint?).

Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on October 25. You can catch up with the stories and videos from our full month of coverage, and read a new preview that just went live today.

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  • Honest I dont understand why call it origins when it should just be a sequel. In the CG trailer nothing shows Batman looking or acting younger. But hey just my thoughts on it.
  • Anyone else catch the nod to Steel as well? The bullet casing said AmerTek.

  • That combat scene was glorious!! Idk how the Deathstroke pre order will work (and if its really Amazon exclusive i probably wont be getting it) but Im really looking forward to this game!!

  • CGI does nothing for me. I'll get excited once I see actually gameplay. The Deathstroke pre-order bonus is already a turn-off.

  • That was...

  • Very good trailer but looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage come E3.

  • I love CG.

  • Wow this trailer was amazing. I don't get why people have been complaining about Batman's combat abilities though. Yes, it's based on Batman Year One so he's not the well-known professional Batman, but this is after his 12-year long training. Of course he is a worthy enough combatant to fight Deathstroke. It's all about his actions, how people react to him and how he handles certain situations.

  • Hmm not a fan of the new suit
  • Batman still looks older(maybe its the art style?). Just the way he carries himself and his facial expressions make him look even crankier and grumpier than usual. Why so serious B-man?

    Also where did you get the threads? Definitely lookin more armored than City and Asylum.

    Deathstoke looks absolutely awesome but I just wish his voice was the actor that played him in Injustice. I liked his old codger voice. Sounds a bit too young and brash in my opinion.

  • Holy sh*t that was awesome! I'm hyped right now, I'm gonna go play some Arkham City.

  • I WANT THIS GAME! Except my parents wouldn't even let me get Arkham City, which means that I'm probably not getting this either. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • >.< Just take my money, PLEASE. Just take my money and stop teasing me with all these f*cking awesome trailers. *starts crying*

  • This game...man, my wallet is gonna hate me by the end of the year, and my wife =P
  • Man...didn't realize how badass Deathstroke was. Glad they decided to include him. I feel like the Bats and more of his villains are getting more mainstream. If they keep this aggressive marketing up, DC will have a nice roster of well-known characters pretty soon.

  • I would have liked some in game footage, but I can't deny how awesome that trailer was. That fight scene was excellently choreographed and the integration of the various villains was well done. Consider me impressed.

  • The trailer was incredible, I'm even more excited to play the game (and Deathstroke if the DLC is like Catwoman's in Arkham City). I thought it was a clever twist to throw in a hint of Green Arrow as well, Batman-fans are going to go ape sh** when the game comes out in OCT.

  • Best reveal trailer I have EVER seen! I'm so pumped for this game!

  • badass man that was just well you know