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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Meets Deathstroke, Deadshot, And Black Mask In First Trailer

If there's one thing that we learned from our month of Batman: Arkham Origins coverage, is that our readership is extremely excited to return to Gotham City. If you've been keeping up with our previews, you know that the story's villian, Black Mask, has tasked a number of assassins to bring down The Dark Knight.

In this first trailer, we see Batman square off in a lengthy battle with Deathstroke. We also get a feel for how Black Mask is motivating his paid hitmen. Let's just say the rivalries aren't friendly.

The trailer also confirms Deathstroke as a playable character. It's not clear yet if he's structured like Catwoman's Arkham City missions, a set of challenge missions, or something completely different. And be sure to look for the clever nod to Green Arrow (could this be a hint?).

Batman: Arkham Origins is coming to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on October 25. You can catch up with the stories and videos from our full month of coverage, and read a new preview that just went live today.

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  • Queen Industries? Clever. And that was a GREAT trailer! I'm pumped now! Also, was that sniper Deadshot?
  • Awesome!
  • Green arrow is a bit of a turn off for me, I just don't really see him in a batman game.
  • Mod
    I would much rather play as the tactical warrior Deathstroke than Catwoman! She walked like she had a slinky for a spine in Arkham City.
  • This is awesome to bad, the gameplay won't be anything like this. -_-
  • Better and better and better!! I will be getting the Wii U version. Which version are you guys getting?
  • looks like I'M going to need to pre-order the collectors edition of this game
  • Deathstroke is pretty damn cool! He looks sharp, and fights like a beast. He seems to be a bit more acrobatic than Batman does. So I guess Batman is going to be about power, and Deathstroke is going to be about speed or agility? I foresee the fight between them involving Batman having to get rid of obstacles and/or footholds for Deathstroke to land on, and getting ol'e One Eye to fight him face to face.
  • Did anyone catch the Steel Easter Egg?
  • That was awesome, I like deathstrokes voice but he sounds young and that's ok.
  • cool

  • For a CG that was pretty damn good.

  • WOW!!! That trailer was freaking amazing!!!!
  • The best part about all of this is for the fact that Kevin Conroy is back. I can't wait for Oct 25th. I wonder when the collectors will be available for pre-order.
  • This trailer go in to the fullest

  • ……..I have to go change my pants.
  • I honestly don't like the idea of another cold environment. Arkam city had tons of that in it already and having it set in winter just makes it seem like a giant Mr. Freeze level. I would have much more liked to see a normal gotham to see the way WB could portray its ambiance and qualities. Having it set in christmas seems like a cheap way to get out of adding more level detail to structures and instead putting most design work into ice and snow.

  • Slick trailer; I'm a sucker for well-choreographed fight scenes and this trailer delivered with flying colors. I'm definitly gonna be pre-ordering since playing as Deathstroke sounds like a heck of a lot of fun.

  • great live action trailer. Batman Arkham Origins had to be a sequel, not a prequel.It's too modern for a prequel,better batsuit for the prequel?. I pre-order now the pc version and the psvita version.

    any trailer for batman arkham origins blackgate?
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