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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

The Pac is Back

It's been a long time since Pac-Man starred in a new game, but Namco Bandai believes the time is right. Today the publisher announced Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and 3DS.

The game ties in with an upcoming Disney XD series of the same name, in which Pac-Man is the last yellow Pacworlder and, as such, is the savior of his entire race. The plot sounds more serious than the trailer below would have us believe, especially since our hero apparently has a bottomless stomach.

The home console version is a 3D platformer, and the 3DS version will be a side-scrolling experience. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will only be coming to North American and Latin America, and Namco Bandai has no current plans to release the title elsewhere. 

Look for the television show and the games this fall. 

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  • Wishful thinking.

  • Looks... Well, adorable. Not enough 3D platformers for 360, so I'll keep an eye on this.

  • The tone of the 'toon seems fine for kids; kinda has a... Snorks/Smurfs/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic feel to it. A bunch of friends, unironic goodness, some lessons will be learned... that's all fine for Pac Man. It'll be just okay for the young'uns; a lot better than all the mentally stunted sitcoms on Disney XD meant for the same demographic.

    As for the game, I just hope it's as good a Pac Man World 1 or 2. Those were fine platformers. I hope the focus on the TV show means they don't dumb it down for kids. The Pac Man World games were fine platformers for anybody at the time, but this doesn't look as ambitious as contemporary platformers. I mean, compare this to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Mario Galaxy 2 or Sonic Generations and... well there's no comparing them, really. It looks much less ambitious, or technically accomplished.

    But again, I suppose it'll be fine for the kids. I'm hoping it's as good as Pac Man World though... or that Pac Man World will show up on the PSN as a PSOne Classic.

  • This... looks... awful... in... so... many... ways...

  • I was annoyed with the chomp sound effect before the trailer was even finished. That probably bodes well for the full game.

  • Yay! A Starfox Adventures sequel! Wait, it says Ghost Adventures...Damn.
  • I remember watching then old satAM cartoon show this is loosely based off of, loved it.

  • Looks interesting enough. Hopefully it's a spiritual sequel to Pac-Man World. Kinda harbored a secret love for those games.

  • How can he eat ghosts if they aren't turned blue by the super pellet, HOW I ask you?
  • Sure cane from nowhere it seem. I loved old PAC man, the new adventures in PAC man 2 were hilarious. Championship was awesome. I could go for some more PAC man. It's been along time. 3 d platformer eh? Music was catchy hmmmm no other 3d platformers out there really. It has potential for great sales so long as its well made.

  • Totally didn't expect this. Sort of on the fence about how this game looks, but I'll try and keep positive that this could be a great Wii U addition.

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  • Long time no see Pacy

  • A Pac-man game tied in with a Disney XD show, that is only being released in North America and Latin America? All the makings of a successful game right there.
  • I loved Pac-man Word 2, so I'll give this a shot.

  • This actually looks better than I expected. Maybe it's the lack of 3D platformers that came out this generation, but I'm genuinely exited to give this a shot.


  • The last two Pac-Man games I've enjoyed is Pac-Man World (PS1) and Pac-Man DX: Championship edition. It has been so long since Pac-Man had a decent outing in the 3D space. I hope this game is as enjoyable as PS1 era.

  • Pac-Man World 2 was my favorite game as a kid!!

    Hopefully this game turns out good, however, this Disney Pac-Man TV series sounds like it's gonna ruin everything....