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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

The Pac is Back

It's been a long time since Pac-Man starred in a new game, but Namco Bandai believes the time is right. Today the publisher announced Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and 3DS.

The game ties in with an upcoming Disney XD series of the same name, in which Pac-Man is the last yellow Pacworlder and, as such, is the savior of his entire race. The plot sounds more serious than the trailer below would have us believe, especially since our hero apparently has a bottomless stomach.

The home console version is a 3D platformer, and the 3DS version will be a side-scrolling experience. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures will only be coming to North American and Latin America, and Namco Bandai has no current plans to release the title elsewhere. 

Look for the television show and the games this fall. 

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  • Hopefully it won't suck!
  • It sounds like Doctor Who in a way, I can see Pac-Man looking at the supporting lady and telling her " I can't save them ____! It's the CURSE OF THE PACWORLDERS!"

  • Disney XD............... I really hate that channel.
  • I think this could be fairly decent, the older 3D Pac-Man games were okay and had some quirky charms. Besides, who doesn't want to be an anthropomorphic sphere?
  • man i dont want a crappy pac man, hope its cool. seems like it is probably more for kids which is totally fine
  • Don't add plot to Pac-Man, he's a ball that eats smaller balls, that's all the plot he needs.
  • I'm sure this will be a stellar game that delves deep into the rich lore of Pac-man. Maybe it will answer those long time burning questions. What is a Pac-man? Why do ghost hate our hero? Are pellets and power pellets some kind of drug?
  • Pac-Man Adventures 2 was a lot of fun, and I still don't know why.
  • they didn't pick the cool design. :(
  • i know i'm old fashioned when i just can't get used to him in 3D.

  • I got Pac-Man for the gamecube and it was really fun, and now I can't wait for this one.
  • It would probably be better to actively work at new IP than attempt to gain minor sales from immediate recognition from the market. This is probably going to be terrible when they could have put the same budget towards something that people might actually get excited about and won't just feign interest in because they notice you're making games with the name pac man attached.
  • I'm so desperate for a decent 3D platformer these days that I will probably check it out.
  • It's the game everyone was waiting for.

  • I didn't know there was going to be a Pac-Man TV series. The game does look interesting though.

  • I'll give the game a whirl when it releases, but I can already tell that munching sound will be the most annoying thing ever after a while.

  • 00:17 = The Aristocrats!

  • One question. Do we get a slingshot?

  • Not sure how this will do as a $60 retail game...seems more like a digital download at best. I did like the Pac-Man World games from back in the day though. I'll give it a try when it eventually drops in price.
  • This has me somewhat excited. I remember enjoying Pacman World 2 on the Gamecube quite a bit, and if this new game is as good as I remember Pacman World 2 being I'll definitely check it out.
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