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Saints Row IV

Oh Saints Can You See The President In Action

Volition's Saints Row: The Third was one of the most absurd, over the top experiences of this generation. When THQ bumped a planned super-powered, alien infested expansion pack in favor of waiting for the next retail installment, there was much lamenting. Thankfully, it seems like it's been worth the wait.

New publisher Deep Silver has upped the insanity for Saints Row 4. As you'll see in the brand new trailer below, the President of the United States is well endowed... with super powers. It's only about a minute and a half long, but the video gives us a good look at what's in store when Saints Row 4 arrives on August 20 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. 

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  • What is this? A less gritty version of Prototype?

  • Guys guys, we need to realize that being sane and mature is just another way to say boring and lame. Come on, crazy people are tons of fun, and so will this game.
  • Being the huge fan of this game that I am, I definitely look forward to this new installment!! There's always some crazy adventure and goofy antics going on in wary mission, I think it has something for the gamer in all of us.

  • I've never played Saints Row, but even the name makes it sound like a more serious game. I guess it was just too close to GTA? They couldn't compete, so they changed their style? I'm not sure. On the other hand, this video looks ridiculously awesome. Hail to the mother *** chief, indeed. I wonder how Dan feels about this...
  • I'll buy this one.

  • I love the alien invasion&tech/super powers&super hero suits and the matrix influence..But not for this franchise,Should be a game/franchise on it's own!!

    How/Why the f*** did they decide to change the series from street gang stuff to The Third to this game's world?

  • I'll still give this one a try But will be a Gamefly rental than a full purchase,I bought SR 1-3 But am VERY mixed on this one

  • Really? What the hell is with the Purists saying "Dis is nawt da Saint's Row!"

    Saint's Row has always been about being over the top, and it will continue to be. Some people are just frickin' idiots.

  • Gahh! Sign me up. I really love where the series is going... Everywhere. =)

  • 0:56 - That's my outfit. I will be Super Lincoln.
  • Shizznit

  • Hell Yeah Baby!
    Has anyone ever seen a headbanger as president?
    Keep your eyes peeled then! :P
  • Looks absolutely absurd and awesome.  Too bad I just can't get into sandbox games any more.

  • So over the top. Awesome.

  • looks like a lot of fun