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Saints Row IV

Oh Saints Can You See The President In Action

Volition's Saints Row: The Third was one of the most absurd, over the top experiences of this generation. When THQ bumped a planned super-powered, alien infested expansion pack in favor of waiting for the next retail installment, there was much lamenting. Thankfully, it seems like it's been worth the wait.

New publisher Deep Silver has upped the insanity for Saints Row 4. As you'll see in the brand new trailer below, the President of the United States is well endowed... with super powers. It's only about a minute and a half long, but the video gives us a good look at what's in store when Saints Row 4 arrives on August 20 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. 

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  • Cant wait until this games comes out. And I just got 100% on Saints Row 3 last week.
  • I absolutely love it! So ridiculous. This game should be wonderful.

  • This looks IDENTICAL to SR3.
  • I stopped after Saints Row 2.....too fast of releases for a sandbox game
  • Mod
    Why was this not a cover story?! I would take this over Lego: Ultamite Alliance any day!
  • Holy moly, this looks amazing.  It's a good year to be an open-world fan, I tell you that.

  • Should be fun. Can't wait to see how far they push it this time.
  • Mod
    Best video game president since Michael Wilson in Metal Wolf Chaos.
  • Is this going to be a direct sequel to 3? I'll be playing it regardless, but the premise seems like quite the jump plotwise from 3 to 4... and yes, I'm concerned about the plot in a Saints Row game. I'm odd like that.
  • I may be the only one in this community that doesn't think this is cool, in any way.
  • Saints Row is one of my favorite series. Can't wait for this. Kinda wish they would have left it as an expansion, and did something completely new for the 4th game, but this looks like a lot of fun. Plus the Saints leader would make an awesome president. I'd totally vote for him.

  • This trailer is just further proof that the development team has lost track of what made us love the Saints Row franchise to begin with. I'll still play this game and it will probably be a fun sandbox, but this is a Saints Row game in name only.
  • looks fun. but ill wait for gta they make these just too ridiculous where its just stupid now saints row 3 in my opinion was the worst of the franchise

  • Looks awesome, but do you ever wonder to yourself is this too extreme or not extreme enough?
  • We used to just call Saints row 2 super row because you run as fact as cars and throw people way too far for a normal human being. I guess they finally agreed on the super powers....ill be skipping this

  • Okay why are people thinking that super powers will make this game less fun. Do they know what video games are.

  • Holy molies- I'm looking forward to this one. Still never got a chance to do co-op with SR3 though, and I can only imagine how much insanity THAT would be.

  • Just another day for the saints I guess.

  • I almost miss the "seriousness" of the first two games, since The Third went completely off the rails into ridiculous fun, but this makes me forget about the seriousness and just want chaotic madness. Day one buy for sure.

  • Hmm nah, not my cuppa. They shoulda made this game more about the gang turf wars. Instead it seems like they went too overboard with the less enjoyable, asinine parts of SR3. Needs more All Points Bulletin and less Serious Sam.

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