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Metro: Last Light

New Trailer Explores A Savior, Salvation, And Suspicion

Life in the Metro is not easy, and the stress has weighed on Artyom. Anna, daughter of the survivors' leader Miller and ace sniper, has serious concerns about civilization's supposed savior.

In this new trailer for 4A Games' Metro: Last Light, you'll hear from Anna (and see some of the gorgeous game play). If you haven't yet played Metro 2033, be sure to check out our own Jeff Cork and Tim Turi talking about the prequel and the improvements in the new title. We've also got previous trailers for Metro: Last Light that give a glimpse of the hard life underground.

Deep Silver will be sending Metro: Last Light out into the radioactive wilds on May 14, 2013, for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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  • The original Metro is still on my backlog of games to play. The sequel looks pretty sweet, so I really have to find time to cross the original off my To-Play list.
  • To anyone who has yet to play Metro 2033, I would suggest you give it a try, especially if you like atmospheric shooters (think Bioshock) or have enjoyed any post apocolyptic setting (of which there are no shortages across all media). The game was just unique and a lot of fun. The only downside is that it is short and told in segments, but it should be pretty cheap by now. Definitely worth a try though!

  • Definitely picking this up! Sadly though I wasn't able to finish the first one because after many attempts of hitting the switch in the bunker, the door wouldn't open up ever :-(

  • I loved the first game and the book was even better.  Now I have something for my wife to get me for my birthday.  It looks to be worth pulling myself off Defiance to play.

    Anyone know if Metro 2034 has been translated to English in any official form?

  • Loved the first Metro because of how it showed the Russian survivors on their last leg.  Even with a post apocalyptic era they still waged wars against each other.  CAN'T WAIT!

  • Another great Metro trailer. I should really try to run through 2033 once more before Last Light releases.

  • I can only hope it lives up to its THQ predecessor.

  • Still need to finish the first...

  • So, the Dark Ones are still alive, eh?
  • with every new trailer i get more and more excited for this game. this looks beautiful and atmospheric, and i can't wait for the 14th. also, i took a look at the imdb page for the game and patton oswalt does one of the main voices! i doubt there will be much comedy in this though... :)
  • I really wish there was a more special limited edition for this game. I'm half tempted to order the copy from Australia that comes with the book.

  • Was he uh.... having sex with that red head or the forcful other?
  • im ready for the metro!

  • I wonder how exactly the Dark Ones are gonna behave towards us given what happened to them in the first game. They wanted peace, but now, I imagine they're quite pissed.

  • Giant mutated rats? Awesome.

  • Looks like a complete upgrade from an already great game. Picking this up on the release day.