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The Evil Within

Peer Inside The First Live Action Trailer

Last week, Bethesda and Tango Gameworks revealed the name of Shinji Mikami's new game, The Evil Within. They also showed a disturbing live action montage of horrific images enough to make any horror fan's blood-soaked day.

Now, that trailer is available for us to share with you. The man behind the short, Kyle Cooper, is known for his design work on film and television projects including Se7en, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead.

The Evil Within is coming to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and "next generation consoles" in 2014. 

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  • Eh, still doesn't look like anything particularly interesting to me. Just another pseudo-Japanese horror game.
  • Holy sh!t that was creepy.

  • Beautiful
  • That was interesting.  Maybe I'll check it out, I want to see gameplay footage first though.

  • I think it looks really good. I enjoy games with creepy atmospheres. I thought the music worked really well in this trailer too. I'm interested in finding out more about this game and what exactly is going on in this video.

  • Um... alright. Looks good, though extremely...different. In a good way.

  • Man, that trailer is disturbing.

  • hmm.. it reminds me of silent hill with its types of demons and such. Here's hoping for scares and innovation.

  • to me its a bunch of movies and games rolled into one trailer. not interested though... starting to be disappointed in Bethesda. ah well, hope the horror fans like it.

  • aghk to scary.