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Flashback Returns In Downloadable HD Remake

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Delphine Software's Flashback (Flashback: The Quest for Identity in the U.S.), Ubisoft is releasing an HD remake for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

The game is not a simple up-res version of the original, but rather a remake via the Unreal Engine. The trailer below lists developer VectorCell, which is an independent company formed by Flashback creator Paul Cuisset – so you know that this version of the title is getting some love.

This new Flashback takes the original's 2D side-scrolling action and renders it in 3D while still keeping the spirit of that game.

Ubisoft has not provided a price or exact release date for the game. It is, however, tabbed to be "coming soon."

Although not directly related to Flashback, if you liked Delphine's other action side-scroller from the 90s – Out of this World – check out my Moments feature on that title.

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  • Oh yes, this looks quite epic!

  • Nice! :)

  • The thing about it is, the visuals were the most striking thing about the original game. Like Another World, it utilized that Flat-shaded polygon/rotoscoped look that was just so striking. Putting the whole thing in Unreal 3 just takes away from all that was distinct. I'd rather play an up-res'd version of the original game, to be honest. Just like how I gladly bought the Another World ("Out of this World" here in the 'States, I should clarify) 15th Anniversary Edition on GOG.com. Why won't someone make a new game with flat-shaded polys? Another World, Flashback, Interstate '76... those were really striking, cool looking games! The closest thing we have now are some of Grasshopper's stuff, like Killer 7, No More Heroes and Killer is Dead. And, like, that Phantom Detective game for DS. But it's not quite the same.
  • Huzzah! The day is won!

  • At least once every year I get an itch to play through this game. This is a truly pleasant surprise. The new visuals will take some getting used to but the trailer already makes the game look fantastic!

  • I've been begging for this for years. Huzzah.

  • this looks nothing like it should I am going to keep playing the old one.

    I rather have a new game.
  • I wonder if we will be lucky enough for them to throw in the original game with this as well.

  • I was excited until I saw Ubisoft was behind it.

  • Looks great!! I'm sold.

  • looks pretty good, would rather play the original.