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Grand Theft Auto V

Ten New Grand Theft Auto V Screens

We haven't heard much from Grand Theft Auto since it's release date was announced, but now Rockstar Games has delivered 10 new screens to help tide you over until September.

The screens range from showing off the world's beautiful locations and look to the activities of its three main characters.

Be sure to scroll down to the screenshot gallery at the bottom of the page for more shots.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17.

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  • This game is just salivating. I cannot wait to get my mitts on this bad boy. Scuba Diving? Man I hope we can hunt fish or bigger fish (aka sharks)!
  • Looks wonderful!

  • Underwater exploration and gorgeous mountain vistas inside a bona fide GTA experience?! My money, please take it.

  • Look, Trevor's wearing a helmet. Now there's a frood who knows where his towel is.

  • God, I hope Grove Street is in this, just as a nod


  • I honestly did not enjoy Grand Theft Auto 4 or other Grand Theft Auto games... I prefer games more like Just Cause 2 when it comes to games like this... But I am starting to think that Grand Theft Auto 5 could be the game to get me into the series!
  • Oh my goodness.  Can't wait for the RockStar mayhem.

  • I wish I had a time machine so I could travel into the future to Sept. 17!  These screen shots looks amazing and are just getting me more excited for this game! Also, I love the underwater scuba diving. It reminds of Endless Ocean for the Wii which is an awesome game!

  • Man... This game is the game of the year, folks! Look at it! And bask in its beauty!

  • Really can't wait for this game.

  • Battlefield 4 and GTA V in one day? Are you trying to f***ing kill me GI?

  • already have it paid for :). thanks to my bro for an awesome birthday gift. too bad i can only play it in sept :P

  • I dont normally say this but this game and AC4:black flag look like game of the year material....
  • My love for GTA died when San Andreas was doing too much at once. This is too ambitious for its own good, means no focus. More power to the fans though, enjoy the game. ;)
  • Can't wait!


  • Staff
    Is it possible to go into cryogenic suspension until September 17?
  • Speaking of cheats, off topic. Lego City Undercover actually has normal cheats, weird in this day an age. BUT I liiike it. :)

  • September, dang toooooooo long.