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Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3's Trailer Provides Glimpse At Human Conflict, Release Date

All Jim Peyton wanted was a steady paycheck for his family. NEVEC seemed like it offered a great opportunity for Peyton, mining energy from planet E.D.N. III. As he soon learns, there are more than just a few strings attached to his contract.

The trailer below show that there's more to this planetary conflict than just man and the insectoid Akrid creatures. A third, human faction called Snow Pirates are in play as well, and Peyton will have to make some difficult decisions as to where his loyalties are. It looks an awful lot like Dances with Wolves, only in robot suits.

In addition to releasing the trailer, Capcom has announced that the game will be coming out June 25 on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Check out our earlier preview of the game for a look at another enemy type, the Firewasp.

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  • June 25th? Seems kind of early for some  reason.

  • The first one was, at times, a little strange and buggy, but it was fun. I never played the second one, but this one looks very promising.
  • Hi, my name is Arthur and I can count to potato!

  • I have a hard time trusting Capcom anymore. After Capcom made Lost Planet 2 and completely ignored everyone's complaints with the first one, going so far as to add in the most antiquated gameplay mechanics and coop mechanics this side of a 1985 arcade game, I had had it up to here with them. Then, they wen't and made Resident Evil 6, the most botched attempt at re-imagining a franchise that I've ever seen. A terrible game that completely ignored the fans that made Resident Evil what it was, and instead focused on attracting a larger audience with the most amateur shooting mechanics and "action" that literally anyone could have done better. And now they want me to trust them with Lost Planet 3? I don't think so.
  • I'm so excited for this one! The first Lost Planet was pretty decent, but Lost Planet 2 will always be my favorite.

  • This is going to bomb. The first two were fun games, made better by the fact that they were pretty unique. I still remember playing insane rockets only matches in LP1. Those were good times.
  • This is going to be a good game without a doubt.

  • Lost Planet 2 was a really good co-op game. If Spark can fuse that experience with an equally fun single player experience and make it more polished, especially when leveling up(emotes and weapons should NOT be in the same slot machine), then we got ourselves a pretty good game on our hands.

  • Man I still havent played lost planet 2. I keep telling myself i'm going to pick it up but it never happens.

  • Man I still havent played lost planet 2. I keep telling myself i'm going to pick it up but it never happens.

  • this looks so much better then the second one

  • I played this at NYCC...didnt it come out months ago?  it was alright from what I played...but I could have sworn that it came out months ago...

  • Wait...didnt this come out in December?  I played it back in October at NYCC and could swear I played it not too long ago.  Not LP1 or LP2 but 3...im so confused now...

  • Hmm Anyone else getting a really strong Avatar vibe from the trailer? Naive trigger happy man goes on a mission to help a corporation harvest resources from the planet, gets captured by the planet's inhabitants but in a twist (duhduhduhh) he ends up joining them and fighting back because the corporation is shockingly a bunch of greedy assholes who only want to destroy nature to gather minerals and various other resources.
  • This is the plot of Pocahontas and Avatar(which also has the Pocahontas plot).
  • Why isn't it mentioned that the game was suppose to come out in March but was delayed?
  • Hmmm better than I was expecting... still, Lost Planet is not my type of game.

  • This looks pretty cool. The main character seems pretty likable. Hopefully this turns out good.

  • I'm guessing that the mercenaries return.

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