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Destiny Gameplay And In-Engine Footage

Bungie opened its doors to the world to reveal Destiny today. Along with an extensive preview from us, Bungie also released a documentary chronicling the game's development. We've pulled the brief gameplay and in-engine footage from the video to create a an easily digestible glance at what Destiny will look like.

Check out the video below.

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  • Looks great by why make a new fps?
  • "You are my density"

  • I'm not that enthusiastic about this game, not as much as I want to be. It just looks "meh" to me. Sort of like; Been there, done that.

    I hope I'm not becoming a jaded gamer
  • Please be on the playstation!!!!
  • Doesn't seem vastly different from the Halo universe.  So far I am not really impressed.  Seems like alot of hype and press for things we have seen before.

  • This looks really cool.  Just from watching this very brief trailer, you can totally tell it's a Bungie game.  From the score to the art style it just feels right for them.  Very reminiscent of Halo, which does surprise me because after they've done so much to step away from Halo in the last few years then why attempt another game with a similar feel?  I'm not disappointed in the least but I guess I just expected something more different than their past.  Can't wait for this though :)

  • Mod

    This looks awesome!!!!

  • Looks amazing

  • Holy crap...Bungie has left me speechless once again

  • Looks like Halo.

  • The game isn't even releasing this year, so it'll look much better when it comes out.

  • Ehhhhhhh

  • Wasn't really impressed..

  • I love the look of the tower covered in leaves and vines. This game will beat out Crysis on graphics.

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  • The graphics and color tones makes it look like the cousin of Halo.

  • Does anyone else get reminded of Halo just from the music in the video? The music from Bungie is always top notch thanks to Marty. Cannot help but think this music would be perfect in Halo because  Bungie made the best music for Halo and this music just fits. Wouldn't be surprised if it was in Halo 4 if Bungie had made it in which case I would still own that game. No one can make a Halo game as good as Bungie. Halo will never be the same. It has begun the trend of Call of Duty. Ok I'll stop rambling off topic now lol.