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Destiny Gameplay And In-Engine Footage

Bungie opened its doors to the world to reveal Destiny today. Along with an extensive preview from us, Bungie also released a documentary chronicling the game's development. We've pulled the brief gameplay and in-engine footage from the video to create a an easily digestible glance at what Destiny will look like.

Check out the video below.

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  • That in-engine footage looks great!

  • Looks like halo...........
  • I'm not sure about this, i bet it will be next gen, just as Halo was the xbox exclusive launch title, destiny will be an xbox 720 exclusive. That's the best way to sell consoles- make a game that is awesome and only on that console. it does look good, needs to be a sandbox for sure though, kinda sick of level based games (except platformers ie super meatboy). just my opinion.
  • An FPS, huh? I'll need to know more about the game before I preorder it if that's the case.

  • Optimus Prime at 00:30

  • Looks like a halo game. However, it sounds really interesting. I will definitely keep my eye on this one. Let's hope it is not a halo rehash.

  • So Bungie wants to stray from the famed Halo franchise...so they of course go with a sci-fi FPS with elements (music, art, characters, narrative, etc.) that resemble that of Halo. I'm little disappointed that they didn't do something else, but maybe this will be good.
  • Wow.  Looks impressive.  Can't wait to see more gameplay.

  • A lot of potential here...
  • For all the "moving on from Halo" hype they've tried to generate, it doesn't look as though they've moved too far. Those weapons look very much like the ones they created for the Halo series, and that world has a very "Halo Ring World" feel, just a different shape. Not that those facts means this will be a bad game, just that I'm not sure how much of a different experience this will feel like.
  • Keep it up Bungie, looking good so far. It looks like an amalgamation of Knights Of The Old Republic, Mass Effect, Halo (duh), and Advent: Rising to me.

  • Would love to see this be open world like skyrim or far cry

  • Obviously they''e tired of doing the same thing over and over again with Halo.  I'm glad to see they are stretching their creative wings and going 180 out from the sci-fi FPS genre :)

    With that, I can't wait to see more about the game.  Halo is one of the best games for a reason so anything from Bungie should pique every gamers' interest.

  • Looks very, very, generic. I still like the armor designs though.

  • The graphics look really good.

  • it almost looks like its open world

  • Looks and sounds like another bland MMO. Online only (even for single player) and super accessible to the console masses is what the studio head Jason Jones said. And no idea if it will be an initial $60 dollar payout with microtransactions / FTP /subscription payment models in addition. This is definitely not something I am interested in. Add to the fact that its all Bungie will be making in the next 10 years and I couldn't be less interested. I don't want the same thing over and over again for the next 10 years. I want new gaming experiences. Bungie could make 3-4 unique single player games in that time allotment, rather than milking the same product over and over again, like Activision do to their other cash cow, Call of Duty.
  • It scares me just a little bit that this has some MMO-like qualities. Just, I really don't like MMOs. probably because of Cartoon Network's Fusionfall.
  • No PC, no care. I don't need to buy a next gen console for graphics my PC has been capable of for a year.

  • ITT: Console owners saying things like "graphics aren't everything" and "I prefer gameplay".

    Graphics can make up a huge part of the experience. When the game is unpleasant to look at, like playing games on consoles at 360/480p upscaled to 1080, then it ruins the entire experience.