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Destiny Gameplay And In-Engine Footage

Bungie opened its doors to the world to reveal Destiny today. Along with an extensive preview from us, Bungie also released a documentary chronicling the game's development. We've pulled the brief gameplay and in-engine footage from the video to create a an easily digestible glance at what Destiny will look like.

Check out the video below.

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  • assuming those are early alpha graphics, im intrigued

  • Sigh*

    This is still dont hold up to my expectations,when i think of how long this game has been in devellopment the gfx deffently aint mind-blowing and how could it be? when its made for 7-8 year old tech/consoles? this is a big mistake from Bungie if you ask me.

    If they are smart they gonna make this game for pc with uber updated gfx for high end PC users.... idont see how they are gonna loose monney on a game that is AO any way... its not like it can be pirated.

  • People really should stop saying it looks like halo...
  • Fallout: Mass Effect

  • Wow, all I was thinking was that the graphics look incredible considering how long there is left for development and so on and nobody seems to be happy.  If that came out right now it'd have the best graphics for a shooter ever.

  • It's sad that so many people are concerned with the graphics over everything else. That is what is ruining gaming. All people want are shiny things to look at. They could care less if their is any innovation, creativity, or originality to the game. It's all about the shiny things to distract them for hours at a time. Graphics should take a back seat to everything else.
  • Great footage, can't wait to see some full on gameplay action. Remember, its the gameplay that matters more than anything else.

  • grafically, not as good cus bungie's engines are never good or up to part...cant they license better grafic engines?
  • The graphics are quite impressive, considering it's alpha footage. This game is going to be great.

  • So... it's kinda like Halo?

  • Looks pretty good so far, I think Bungie could maybe pull this off.

  • looks alright. Def reminds me of halo though.

  • looks alright. Def reminds me of halo though.

  • Looks like Halo and Star Wars had a baby.

  • so it's not next gen? here's hoping for a Wii U version!!

  • Good to see Bungie showing that they aren't just a one-trick studio. /s

    On the plus side, that's how you do animation, from what I saw in that brief demo it was pretty well animated, not robotic like most mo-capped things tend to be. Maybe they didn't mo-cap, that's why.

  • I have faith in this, Bungie are really great developers most of the time. MOST of the time (cough halo odst cough)
  • This is really exciting.

  • Mod

    Eh, while this preview looks great I get the feeling that Bungie may not step outside of their comfort zone to really differentiate this from Halo.  Hope the best for them and that this proves to be much much more then a sci-fi shooter.

  • it looks like a Halo MMOFPS...even one of the rifles has the ammo number display. Not interested.