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Destiny Gameplay And In-Engine Footage

Bungie opened its doors to the world to reveal Destiny today. Along with an extensive preview from us, Bungie also released a documentary chronicling the game's development. We've pulled the brief gameplay and in-engine footage from the video to create a an easily digestible glance at what Destiny will look like.

Check out the video below.

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  • It isn't halo. The graphics don't need to be that of a $1200 computer. I'ts an experience. A live world. Something different. Everyone needs to realize this. Gamers need to move on.
  • I can't wait, it looks so much fun!!!

  • Looks like a Halo reboot to me.
  • wow a futuristic sci-fi first person shooter way to go outside your comfort zone on this one bungie

  • I'm sure the future will hold bright for this game bungie wouldn't disapoint, besides it probably still in alpha.

  • So some parts look familiar lol. But nonetheless I am curious to see where Bungie goes with this.

  • Bungie will probably do it again with this game Destiny.

  • Gotta see more.

  • God this game looks good! I just hope it comes out for the PS3.
  • so one of those last shots just looked like the pillar of autumn. and even though i heard/read what the differences are regarding O'Donell's work, it still really feels/sounds like halo

    either way im super excited for this game

  • I am so excited!

  • This game looks so cool, if only it would make it to PC.

  • Graphics are definitely better than what I thought they would be (when I heard it would be MMO-like). However if enemies have health bars over their heads I will NOT buy this game. Yeah, I'm weird like that. Looks like a fantastic game though.

  • The graphics are good but as soon as we start seeing next gen games at E3, these graphics will look dated.

    I cant wait to see what they can do with a next gen exclusive Destiny.

  • Looks like all halo guns

    With minor variations

    They make good games so I'm sure it will be awesome

  • Oh man! That totally looks like a shooter!

  • good to see the LoTR soundtrack has found new work

  • halo style music, and it looks amazing! I didn't expect this to make such a good impression, and now I have another game to look forward to!

  • hmmmmm...No telling what will happen in the future for this game. I wonder if it will be able to compete with Halo?

  • Seems like they are making this game a class based game.
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