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Bungie Offers More Destiny Details With A Video Documentary

Along with lifting the curtain Destiny this morning, Bungie has also released its first documentary video about the game.

You'll hear from the developers over at Bungie about creating the game, see some in-engine assets, as well as hear a little bit of music from Bungie's next project.

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  • So excited for this game. More coverage!

    I cannot help but compare this with the promise of Guild Wars 2 and the dynamic event system and ad hoc party party system. I was a bit let down with GW2, but very hopeful in what Bungie proposes, especially with the comparison to Journey.

    Current burning questions:

    Release date/window? I've heard October.

    How does Bungie plan to compete with next gen consoles? Backwards compatability, port, digital download? I'd hate to see a (hopfully) brilliant game lose players as they convert to a new system that cannot play the game.

    Exactly how much can I do with my IOS or Android device? Is it limited to avatar customization and messaging?

    How can we communicate in-game? Chat (ugh) or keyboard support? Sounds like avatars can emote so I'm hoping keyboards are supported.
  • Wow... this looks very innovative. I can't wait to give it a try!

    Edit: It's good to hear this is a cross platform game. I hope it's a PC game as well.
  • I really hope this doesn't turn out to be similar to an Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco for Bungie, even though it is an over used idea in the Sci Fi world this still looks like it would be a really good game. Any idea if this is going to be an FPS?
  • I tell ya one thing. They sure know how to make a video.
  • I hope they launch this for next Gen systems in time for holiday

  • For being so innovative, it looks an awful lot like Halo. I like it, though, seriously.
  • Awesome!!!!

  • Yes, it does look sweet indeed.

  • This game looks absolutely amazing.

  • I am amazed

  • They're so crazy..

  • That music, I cant get over how good their music is.
    Bungie is my favorite game studio and i absolutely can't wait to learn more about this.

    Hey GI staff: When is this gonna be a cover story?
  • Wonder when it is going to release?
  • My body is ready, too...
    That gameplay is absolutely stunning.
    I haven't been this hyped by a few news bits since the last time Bungie teased work on Halo Reach. I don't know what it is about that studio, but I love anything they create.
    I absolutely can't wait!
  • All the artwork reminds me of old school Star Wars, I like it.

  • They had me at Bungie

  • Really excited about this game. I'm glad Bungie's taking the same approach as it did with Halo: all-in, gutsy, risky decisions will make or break this game. Sounds like they're on the right track, though.

  • I hope it's not too long for the next one. ^_^
    Hopefully it doesn't have someone saying that their body is ready...
  • I try not to form opinions on games that don't have lots of footage, but this looks pretty good. I'm especially fond of the section where they show what looks like space exploration.

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