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Crysis 3

New Crysis 3 Video Shows Off The Mighty Typhoon

In episode four of Crytek's "Seven Wonders of Crysis 3" video series, we get a look at the Typhoon weapon, the "culmination of 2,000 years of human warfare."

Aside from firing over 500 rounds per second, the Typhoon also serves as a flamethrower, which is nice when you want to barbecue some Ceph. Once again, the video also serves to further whet our appetite for what looks to be an early contender for shooter of the year.

  • this looks so good
  • And if he can't find a typhoon, he'll just find some Dos Equis and chuck them at the Ceph instead.

  • woah. that gun.

  • Mod
    Did you....Did you just use a meme as the title?
  • I must say this trailer has me genuinely excited. Over the top weapons? Check. Semi-open environments that allow me to tackle a situation the way I want? Check. Fast pace gameplay and movement? Check.

    If this trailer is indicitive of the entire game, Crysis 3 will have everything I enjoy in a shooter. I'll wait for reviews though because I don't trust EA at all. However, I do think Crytek can pull this off
  • Sweeeeeet!

  • Hey this is one of those games Halo 4 ripped off. Looks good. Think I might pick this up after all. So many new games coming in the next couple of months, my wife is going to disown me.
  • To be honest I think these trailers are pretty boring... They don't focus on anything special that really seperates Crysis 3 from other games. What's so great about a gun to make a trailer just for it? As long as it doesn't shoot soap bubbles that blind enemies I don't find it that different from other guns... I liked Crysis 1/2 and I may end up enjoying Crysis 3 as well ( if they don't screw it up by making a 6 hour story and the boring and hacked Multiplayer from Crysis 2 ) but these trailers give me kind of a fatigue, everything seen before. Also I don't expect anyone to play like in this trailer, that just doesn't happen: Running around shooting enemies, jumping on them, ripping them apart and cloaking for just hitting a drone - these things will all be done by many players but not in 3 minutes like this.
  • sweet baby jesus this looks good!

  • Wow. Double wow.

  • feel like they're putting out to many videos on this game, no surprises
  • Pc powar.

  • Does anyone else get nervous when a game gets like 50 advertisement videos?  It makes me think they should be spending their time on the game, not marketing.

  • actually from the looks of the video it doesnt double as a flamethrower. the first ceph he kills is "shooting" out flames and after he uses up his ammo, picks up that flamethrower, and then at the end of the video he drops the flamethrower and picks up another typhoon.
  • Well I'm thoroughly impressed... Sounds like I will have plenty to say when Crysis 3 comes out as well. >:D

  • Look up metal storm technology. Thats what this basically

  • 2,000 of human warfare?
  • this game is gonna be great

  • Eh, Crysis 2 was astonishingly boring, and I bet 3 won't be any different. I'll stick to something that's more my taste.

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