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Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel

Latest Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel Trailer Not Exactly Subtle

Visceral Montreal told us that they were shooting for a blockbuster-movie vibe with the third entry in the Army of Two franchise, and it looks as though they've hit that bullseye with the Devil's Cartel. With a rocket launcher.

The trailer shows Alpha and Bravo doing what they do best: Blowing things up and trying not to get blown up themselves. Some of the highlights in the clip include a look at some of the merciless cartel members and a chase sequence that would be right at home in a Michael Bay flick. The destruction is all powered by the Frostbite 2 engine.

For more information on the game, take a look at our hub page, which features an extensive amount of content, including exclusive video interviews with the development team.

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  • That's a lot of explosions. Hope the game is more fun than the first. Looks good nonetheless.
  • Wow, this game looks really stupid. Why the hell is that big guy with the machete just walking towards them? He obviously looks like some kind of leader, why these guy just shoot him?
  • Still wont reach the movie quality of uncharted I bet.
  • I can't wait till ME4 uses this engine on next-gen consoles!
  • Loved the trailer. The game looks respectable and fun.

  • I enjoyed the first 2 titles and it seems like they seriously improved with the 3rd installment  >=]

  • Some part of me is just tired of the one man army (or in this case 2) endless mags, unlimited enemies who cant shoot, and just ridiculous set pieces. I see this and just go meh been there done that.
  • Looks good. I loved the first two. But when Machete Man kicked the grenade at the other guy, i was hoping to see more gore or something. More realistic would've been awesome.

  • Seeing as I enjoyed the First one, (have not played the second), this looks like a pretty fun game, especially in co-op. Can't wait.
  • I actually love this game series, Army of Two is one of the best co-op games.

  • so generic...

  • Anyone else think this game is trying to grab the Hispanic audience?
  • Oh, they shot it with a rocket launcher all right.

  • The terrible voice acting of Alpha and Bravo completely ruined this trailer for me. Also, I was expecting a little bit more blood and gore but like I feel about this game, whatever.
  • This looks pretty generic. I'll still give it a go. I need more couch co-op games.

  • I hated the 40th day but i loved the first game. I think this game is also good at showing off frostbite 2 as a co op engine so hopefully i see some of this in a bad company 3 or battlefield 4.

  • Yeah... I watched Mythbusters. That RPG through the trucks windshield isn't possible. Damn, I think they ruined video games for me.

  • maybe if people stop buying these games devs will start pushing the envelope again

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