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Crysis 3

The First Episode Of Crysis 3's 7 Wonders Series Is Here

Part cutscene, part gameplay footage, the first episode of the 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 is here.

The series was teased earlier this month, and it is being directed by Albert Hughes, who makes up one part of the Hughes brothers directing duo that directed The Book of Eli and Menace II Society. Check out the first video below to see some new weapons and gameplay footage.

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  • They have such a great engine. Cant wait for this
  • Interesting. Still not sure about this though. Very apprehensive when buying shooters.
  • Any aliens advanced enough to travel and transcend the countless light years to reach us would be so advanced beyond out power that they could wipe us out in a second, and no Hollywood heroics would be able to change that. This is not just my view, but the view of all astrophysicists I know of that have spoken on the subject. I know this is just a game and all, and its basically just an excuse to shoot things, but its still annoying.

    EDIT: Just because they were on Earth millions of years ago does not mean they were native to Earth. Crysis 2 (which I played) did a terrible job of explaining their origins and motives, but the Crysis wiki lists them as aliens (as well a possible galaxy of origin), the official description of Crysis games on the Crytek website calls them aliens.
  • I'm glad that there main dev platform this time around is PC again, the game looks simply marvelous. Crysis 2 looked way worse then Crysis 1.
  • Is this Crysis meets The Last of Us?
  • Looks nice but that's it. Maybe episode 2 will be better. Still, yay Crytek!

  • Looking pretty good, more than just some incremental changes from Crysis 2 it appears.

  • i hope this game is as good as it looks... it would be nice to try it before you buy it.. Crossing fingers for a Demo.

  • Crysis 3 is definitely one of my most anticipated games of 2013! It just looks simply brilliant!

  • Maybe if the player looked down his sites he wouldn't have ran out of ammo so quickly
  • Crysis 3 looks amazing. Can't wait for it to release.

  • I can't wait for this game. Crysis 2 was awesome.

  • What an incredibly generic trailer. They made it worse by letting an armless monkey play it seems, and not showing any new features/ improvements over 2.

    It just seems like another EA cash-in to me.

  • I want the computer that was played on.
  • ooh~ interesting.

  • Sweet.

  • Finally reserved mine today. I'm really looking forward to this one. Correct me if I'm wrong on this, Crytek is giving you Crysis 1 if you pre order the game on Xbox, right?
  • Damn this is impressive.

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