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Far Cry 3

Create Your Own Insanity

The onslaught of Far Cry 3 gameplay trailers before the game's launch continues. Today's video shows off an impressive-looking multiplayer map editor. Check it out below.

Far Cry 3 is out December 4.

  • IF only I had time to play this game as soon as soon as it is Released, lookS very good and i will be playing iT after exams!
  • so you can make your own single player maps/missions? or did i understand that wrong?
  • YES!,At last they have shown the map editor,that's all I wanted to see now all there is to do is...wait until December 4 :( Also,does anyone know if the sandbox mode has bots?,'cause they said that you could include AI...
  • No BS fifteen dollar map packs!!! SUCK IT COD*!!! *I still love COD
  • Because I needed another reason to buy this game...

  • This will be my first FC game, hopefully it will be as good as it sounds!

  • This is basically the reason, why I'm pumped for this game. It's not the multiplayer, it's not the grafics on pc, it's not the entire singleplayer, it is the god damn map editor that makes me want this game so desperately. It looks so easy to use, you can create new stuff within just a few seconds and everyone gets the chance to play it. So much better than every overpriced map pack, big publishers like EA or Activision throw at us...
  • Damn I really like this stuff, really wanting this game I GO Crazy with the map editor make the best stuff tbh :P

  • recreate jurassic park island hmm? :o
  • -Shows off map creation tools. "Well I'm glad they're bringing back the map editor from Far Cry 2. It seems like they're fixing some of the things that were troubleso-" -Populates map with wildlife and enemies "OH. MY. GOD."
  • At first I didn't care too much for this game, but now after reading all the stories and seeing the videos I'm actually excited to play it.

  • So no vehicles on multiplayer? Only on single-player sandbox? That sucks but at least there are vehicles on that
  • About time they showed this off! I was kind of worried it wasn't included because nobody was talking about it.

  • Well, I was holding off until I see more, but now I'm going to pre-order tomorrow when I do my Christmas Shopping. Also, I stared with FarCry: Instincts: Predator on Original Xbox and the maps were insane, especially some of ones I designed. I really didn't care for FarCry 2, but the maps on those were nuts too i.e. "Wal-Mart Battlefield".

    EDIT: I might have to wait, I thought FarCry 3 didn't come out until February.
  • I want to spawn like 56 alligators and take them out with a combat knife.

  • Mod

    This game has so much content it's insane. I hope the map editor is less demanding than in FC2; I made one large map and it took me 24 hrs of painful trial and error (lining up ladders/stairs or sculpting paths so one wouldn't get stuck on the environment was a chore).

  • i have an idea for a map : an alligator pit. Short, narrow passages and alligators everywhere.

    The editor sounds like a lot of fun,time to alligate xD

  • That looks like a lot of fun!!

  • Definitely creating a hunting map for me and some friends to play on. This game will be amazing, however, I wish Ubisoft would put more game modes in.

  • This is what I was waiting for. I love designing maps, some of my best ones are indistinguishable from the developers product.

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