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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 Has Plenty Of Tricks Up Its Tattooed Sleeves

The latest video showing off what Far Cry 3 has to offer has exploding hang-gliders, underwater stabbings, and at least one rocket launcher. To quote the producer of the game Dan Hay, "We give you the tools, we give you the weapons, but it's up to you how you play." We've played it quite a bit already, and we liked it. Check out our review here.

Far Cry 3 releases for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on December 4.

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  • Exploding hangliders? Not sold on the game, but that does sound awesome.
  • Wow. Only if I had the money to purchase. This game keeps looking better and better.
  • Mod
    Sleeves...tatooed sleeves...hold on guys, I think there's something punny about that title.
  • Looks fantastic!

  • has this game even come out yet?
  • So its a shooter with Assassin's Creed like elements, It looks very intriguing so far.
  • This game has me acting all Cray Cray!! Seriously, cannot wait to get this. One problem, I am broke and don't have the cash. My only chance is if it is released on PSN. I have $60 in my wallet. Come on Ubisoft/Sony release this on PSN please! Cannot wait for the Sunday night Drop PSBlog post! This is going to be a true sandbox game. What do you feel like doing today type of game play. Well done, cannot wait to get lost in paradise!
  • Would love to own this game on release, but it's unfortunate it's releasing during the holidays (all my money I can spare is going to gifts). I'll just have to be patient and wait until after the season...

  • I'll be picking this up day 1 :)
  • Looks so awesome. I want!

  • The article yesterday where you bashed Borderlands 2 was lame, and I say this only because it was used as a selling point for Far Cry 3. I really feel like you guys are losing touch, giving 9.0's out like candy nowadays. Seems like you're becoming part of the hype machine, more than you remain still-unbiased-reviewers. You know what I think? Eff Far Cry 3. I say no.
  • That's awesome.

  • Yay, can't wait to get it. Getting the Insane Edition on the PS3. Damn the game haven't released yet and gameinformer have a lot of creative things to do already. Just can't wait to play it.
  • Mod
    I wish they'd stop showing vids on this game man, it's making the wait unbearable.
  • The GameStop trailer says "Skyrim with guns," which is irritating, because it makes me think there's a new Fallout game coming out
  • So pumped for this game! Ubisoft is starting to win me over, used to not be a fan, and that's changing fast.
  • Let's support creativity in the industry. It looks like Ubisoft did a great job putting Farcry 3 together. They surely won't do $500 million in one day, since the name doesn't start with a C and end in a D, but I hope they do decent enough to encourage other developers to try something fresh in the FPS genre.
  • All I need is more time and this game is on my PC. Too bad its unlikely to happen.

  • I need this game!
  • Insane. You don't see that crazy kind of action many places.

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