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Grand Theft Auto V

New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

Rockstar Games has released its second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. It has a lot of people jumping out of, from, and into moving vehicles. Take your pick of video player below, and enjoy!

For more on Grand Theft Auto V, click the banner below to head to our hub where we will be posting new GTA V features all month. You can also check out the most recent batch of screenshots by clicking here.

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  • GOTY 2013.
  • And the wait just became truly unbearable.
  • I preordered this but not all that into this and I used to love GTA
  • The game looks awesome
  • Awesome video can't wait till next year
  • YES! But its not just coming out on xbox is it?
  • Let's face it. we all know this will be amazing.
  • Gotta go pre-order...
  • Still no information on if this will be coming to PC...this has me worried.
  • Why cant this game come out tommorow lol
  • I'm really digging the new environment, even though Los Santos has been featured before. Being out of the city seems like a nice change of pace from GTA 4. This game looks great and I want to play it now.
  • Damn, Rockstar sure does know how to make trailers.
  • Once the limited edition is announced it will be a pre-order. I have to say im happy with finally getting to see all three personalities. Wish there was a little more of Franklin though.

  • HAHA! I liked that last part of the trailer! Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil!! I know this sounds like I'm over exaggerating, but this could win GOTC, Game of The Century!!!
  • wow this is awsome i hope we can do some of the the things i say off mission like the trains jumping cars out of planes looks awsome thaught i was watching a movie. hay that dog looked like it had more life than the doges in rdr. wow online is going to be fun i wounder if there is going to be a mode just for dog fighing and jet combat that be fun sooo cant weight its killing me lol but ill hang in there for now iam thinking of the fun i will have. i pre orderd as i picked up bo2
  • I have never wanted to travel into the future more than I do right now.
  • That was an incredible trailer!
  • Overwhelmed by fanboy emotions.

    Any news on special editions?
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