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Crysis 3

5 Minutes Of Crysis 3

EA released a 5-minute video showing gameplay of Crysis 3. We get a good look at the game's environments and destructibility. Crysis 3 is out February 2013 on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

  • So... This is the 'Urban Jungle' I guess. ( cheap, I know... ) I absolutely love the looks of the game, a perfect mix of the previous titles in my opinion. Foliage, especially grass looks absolutely stunning. The new weapons also seem to add to the gameplay. I hope that the story is long enough even though they seem to work a lot more on the multiplayer part. What really surprised me about Crysis 2 was the length of the game compared to other modern shooters. I didn't really care about the Multiplayer that much, it just did not feel as good as the single player ( also it was full of cheaters when I played it the last time ).
  • This game's graphics look amazing;however,that water looks freaking fantastic.Looks awesome.

  • If Crysis 2 is any indication, this game is going to be fantastic
  • That's a pretty awesome alpha build. Cant wait to see the polished release version
  • Mmmm Graphics....

  • Loving the Cry Engine 3 and alien integrated weapons as well...

  • Crysis 2 really disappointed me. I'm probably not going to buy this one. Far Cry 3 looks pretty good though.
  • There's an explosion in my brain. Mind is blown

  • The guy playing this sucks. lol.
  • Well hey there good looking.

  • I love that games have come far enough that alpha builds can look this good.
  • It looks purty.

  • This is a day one buy for me. I've never played the first, so that's a good reason to preorder it, too. Also, is it bad that I can't tell the difference from xbox gameplay of this and pc gameplay set to ultra?
  • I love the first two, so this is a day one buy for me. And my god the physics and that grass, THAT GRASS!

  • Bought Crysis 1 and 2 from steam waiting to get home to play the hell out of them. Then maybe I can dig into this beauty. (:

  • awesome

  • Lovely! Still playing Crysis 2 on PC.  Something tells me I'll want to upgrade to a 670!

  • Looks great! Though the number of f-bombs dropped felt unnecessary.
  • Did the guy playing this never touch it before? Was he nervous? I don't believe I could be that blunt if I tried.. he didn't even try to be sneaky.. was more like a meat-shield with god-mode on.

    Really, really horrible player.

    But the graphics look good.

  • This game looks incredible, but i guess thats what Crysis brings to the tabe, amazing graphics, fantastic gameplay that can go the way you want it (run-and-gun, stealth, or both). And judging by the first two its obviously a must-buy.
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