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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Check Out Need For Speed's Ridiculous Kinect Support

The days of hitting the gas to make a car's engine ignite may be numbered. In Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Kinect can be used to turn on a car. That's right, folks. Saying "engine start" sparks your ride to life. You can also save yourself some time by hitting the freaking gas.

Another odd Kinect command is "look around." When voiced correctly, this command spins the camera around your car, a function that is also tied to the right stick. In a video posted on Xbox's YouTube page, Need for Speed: Most Wanted's producer Chris Roberts says, "Some people may forget that the right stick is how you move the camera around in the heat of the moment." Really? Wait. How do I start my car again? Uh... "Engine start!"

Kinect can also be used to navigate menus, change cars, and alter a car's chassis mid-race. The menu navigation actually looks pretty cool, allowing for menu shortcuts to be achieved through voice. The rest of the commands...yikes.

You can check out all of this game's Kinect functionality in the video below. This look ends with a "better with Kinect" comment from Roberts.

[Via Xbox]

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  • It's nice if you have the money to toss out, but its completely unnecessary.

  • Can you make your character swear profanities and give the finger in real time too?. . .

  • Change the chassis mid-race?

    Stunning realism ('o')

  • So they wanted to eliminate having to pause gameplay to bring up a menu...but the menus cover the screen...and you cannot see whats happening.

    It would be good if the gameplay stopped so you don't crash whilst looking......waaait a minute

  • Never played a NFS game ever since I traded in NFS: Pro Street. Never looked back since.

  • they should make MORE racing games for the wii for us race fans! ( like me ) lol

  • I'm ganna get the game cause I liked the last most wanted, and have been wanting to play a good nfs game. Here's hoping that it's either just as or better than the last one.

  • Kinect is one of my worst purchases. It is lame except for dance games and party games.

  • "Tires. And up it comes! That's cool."

    Yea, Kinect actually working... THAT'S AMAZING!!!

  • I fear the day that traditional controls are obsolete. I just love my analog sticks too much.

  • Almost interesting.