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Need for Speed Most Wanted

Check Out Need For Speed's Ridiculous Kinect Support

The days of hitting the gas to make a car's engine ignite may be numbered. In Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Kinect can be used to turn on a car. That's right, folks. Saying "engine start" sparks your ride to life. You can also save yourself some time by hitting the freaking gas.

Another odd Kinect command is "look around." When voiced correctly, this command spins the camera around your car, a function that is also tied to the right stick. In a video posted on Xbox's YouTube page, Need for Speed: Most Wanted's producer Chris Roberts says, "Some people may forget that the right stick is how you move the camera around in the heat of the moment." Really? Wait. How do I start my car again? Uh... "Engine start!"

Kinect can also be used to navigate menus, change cars, and alter a car's chassis mid-race. The menu navigation actually looks pretty cool, allowing for menu shortcuts to be achieved through voice. The rest of the commands...yikes.

You can check out all of this game's Kinect functionality in the video below. This look ends with a "better with Kinect" comment from Roberts.

[Via Xbox]

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  • i have zero interest in the kinect controls, no matter how cool they seem.
  • Seems like it is implemented nicely. I can see how it would be beneficial, even though some of it is just there to be there and doesn't really need to be there "Start Engine"
  • The kinect is still pointless.
  • Everything Criterion does these days seems to make me hate them a little bit more... Where is the studio who brought us the best arcadey racers ever in Burnout Takedown and Revenge? When will they stop messing with this stupid open-world trash, this annoying "social game" elements, these dumb downloadable games, and now these beyond-gimmicky Kinect implementations? They're an awful studio right now, working on overproduced garbage that isn't HALF as fun as Burnout used to be. Where did all the talent go?
  • Why doesn't anyone make a game with standard controls and kinect support? If it was done well, it would sell kinect to a lot of people.
  • better with kinect..... maybe just with easy drive.

  • Oh dear...

  • This is just horrible. The only games that I've seen use the Kinect in any meaningful way is the Dance Central games. I'm pretty sure most people didn't buy it just to play those games and to tell their car to start when hitting a button does it faster.

  • I bought a Kinect. I played Dance Central and....that's about it. Other than that series, I have not seen anything make good use of the technology. And honestly people, voice commands? WTF you even need Kinect for that? If Microsoft chose, they could allow developers to a freaking headset for the same damn functionality. Voice commands ARE NOT a selling point for Kinect. Try again Microsoft. And I understand that if you used the mic for voice commands you can't use it for chat. Big deal, let me choose.
  • I hate when they just shove Kinect into a game that doesn't need it at all. Saying "engine start," is much more intuitive than pressing right trigger...


  • more people bash kinect i could see this coming lol. people without a kinect even wines about it. stfu if u dont like it dont bother posting.
  • F*ckin' thumbsticks, how do they work?
  • man these guys are British!
  • LOL did the guy really say you might forget that the rights stick is to look around?

  • The smart drive system is rather innovative and I kinda like the idea. Being a Forza/PGR realistic racing sim fan I've never really been too into the cartoony aspects of the need for speed games but depending on what this gets, I might have to pick it up.

  • All I ask is that Microsoft keeps kinect separate from the next gen xbox. I don't want to pay an extra 100 dollars for something I have no interest in using.

  • Criterion: 'Let's implement kinect controls in Most Wanted.

    Designer: 'say Engine Start to turn on engine'

    Criterion: 'Amazing! Innovating!'

    Me: Who cares?

  • Huh I'd of thought head tracking in first person mode would be 10 times cooler.

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