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A Lengthy Look At Fuse

Insomniac Games released an 18-minute video detailing Fuse's story, characters, weapons, and more. In the video, CEO Ted Price breaks down each of the team members: Dalton Brooks, Jacob Kimble, Naya Deveraux, and Izzy Sinclair. We also get an overview of the story and how all the of weapons work.

For even more on Fuse, check out our coverage hub page for the November issue.

  • I'll probably still play this game, but I'm much less interested since they made the changes to it's art direction and sense of humor. The co-op aspect still seems promising, though.
  • I don't mean to be "that guy" who always complains, but I really loved its Incredibles-esque look. Now it looks just like every other dudebro shooter. I guarantee EA was behind the direction change.
  • Meh It's published by EA. I'd rather not buy.
  • I'm actually down with this change in art style now.

    It's incredibly well realised, with smooth uniformity between the characters and the environments, and the particle effects are gorgeous.  Not to mention the character animations (facial and general movement) are fantastic.

    Besides I can't resist a good "bad stuff goes down in classified research facility" story, in the spirit of the original Doom and Half-Life.

    The character tropes are somewhat disappointing, but providing the story maintains some good character interaction and realisation, this could be a very solid title.

    If nothing else, the weapons they showed only makes me more curious about the weapons that will come later, Insomniac never fails to deliver when it comes to crazy weapons.

  • Looks interesting. Not sure if ill give it a go or not at this point.

  • The art style's change is disappointing, and the gameplay and story don't seem all too surprising or original. My guess at the story:

    Broken mercenary group find mysterious weapons, kill mysterious badguys who want said weapons, mercenaries get betrayed by someone (probably mysterious handler, also happens to work with mysterious badguys), Fuse is attached to a nuke, fired at Russia (because, you know, Russians are terrorists. It's a modern warfare game, remember?), defuse nuke, save the world. Dalton gets the chick. Fuse remains angry, is told to get psychiatric help and calm the eff down.
  • Been avoiding the stories on Fuse because it always looked so... generic. But, after seeing this video... hm. It looks interesting. Lots of really cool environments, possibly awesome story, great facial animations, and co-op! Not enough fun co-op games, so hard to go wrong there. Still not sold on a day one buy, but I could for sure see myself buying this down the line if it goes on sale for Steams Summer stuff. ...Or is this not on PC? :/
  • Great video and much appreciated. It's good to know Insomniac wants to keep us informed due to the changes the game has gone through. It looks really interesting so far and I look forward to more information.
  • I really wonder if the Fuse thing is a good idea. It doesn't matter if u justify how ur weapons work and associate it with the story if in the end all terribly lacks identity.
  • Characters don't really seem that interesting, a lot of them are just stereotypes.

    Art style was better before, now its just bland.

    I don't see why they bother explaining the story, its not like its going to be anything more than cliches and excuses to shoot at bad guys. This isn't going to be a Metal Gear, or Mass Effect.

    I don't see why they bother explaining how the weapons can do what they do if they don't even bother putting any research into it. Anti-matter doesn't create blackholes, it annihilates with regular matter and releases pure energy. Seems like they just threw a bunch of sciency sounding words without the simplest notion of what those things actually do. Somehow it lets her turn invisible, or "disincorporate"? suuuuure.

    The weapons make gameplay look very very interesting though, I hope there will be more crazy weapons aside from these basic starter weapons (which will get boring after a while).
  • It's third person! YES! After this video I've completely changed my mind about the change in art style, this looks amazing.
  • It's turning out to be a rather interesting game, if not slightly generic. It has a Halo/COD Black Ops/Crysis feel to it with some borderlands thrown in for good measure.

  • The story and characters seem generic so far but it to early to tell and those aren't the main selling points of this game. The graphics look good but lack the identity it originally had. The guns and coop are the best thing so far. While the AI and enemy types seem bland. But again, it is to early to tell.

  • RIP Overstrike
  • Well I'm 100% sold now. Can't wait to see what the other mode is.

    Sure it went through changes, but it's still amazing, the amount of story and weapon detail is impressive.

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  • I really am trying to like this game, but the atmosphere and writing? Ugh. Just so lifeless. There is no enthusiasm, no energy, no love in this title. Just a dry grey world of watered down characters. I am trying Insomniac, I love Ratchet and Clank and loved "Overstrike" but the more I see the more I think, "meh" at this title. I am sure as a game it will be competent, but I don't see why I'd care about anyone here or their stories. I really doubt at this point I will ever buy this game, and renting is at a maybe as of now.
  • I love insomniac, but he says "highly volatile alien substance" like even he's bored... There's no unique look (the graphics are even a little lackluster at times...) or plot (dangerous substance hounded by paramilitary corporation?). Even the hook, the weapons, certainly don't seem like they can possibly carry an entire game without some serious progression strapped to them (which I've seen or heard nothing of the sort...). I'm willing to give Fuse my excitement from Overstrike, but (to quote Psych) "trust requires evidence."

  • Jenny Hale... as a villainess? Yup, I'm sold!

  • Buying this game for the sole reason that it has a character with the same name as me. (Dalton)

    Oh, and I guess it looks pretty good so far.

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