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Halo 4

Halo 4 Forge Video Dives Deep Into The New Features

A huge ten minute video covering a number of new details in Forge for Halo 4 has appeared online care of Gamespot. The video shows new Forge levels and features in action, including the new lighting system, the magnet system, and many many others. Check out the full video below to get more information on Forge than is reasonably necessary.

Halo 4 releases November 6 exclusively for Xbox 360.

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  • the new forge mode looks really good, one could say that its even better than the previous one
  • The budget; why has it not been increased? :(
  • And I still have to wait a whole MONTH?! Why must you torment us??
  • meh

  • **BRAAAHHHH** I like it! **BRAAAHHHH**

  • Cool, Could I possibly get the ablitity to dig into the ground, so I could make trenches?
  • Forge is going to be INSANE!!

  • Wow, they really updated Minecraft's graphics with this patch. When is this coming to the Wii?
  • i don't have enough gb's or dollars :(

  • This is going to be great, can't wait to see some of the maps people create.

  • I'd be a lot more excited if the two people weren't so boring.

  • Needs a terrain editor like FarCry
  • I wonder if all three of the Forge maps will be as big as Forge World.
  • The reason why I live!! Halo 4!!

  • Looks excellant! I know what I'll be doing November 6th

  • I never could finish a map in Reach, a lot of the new features will help.

  • I wasn't planning on getting Halo 4 anytime soon around launch but... Damn, forge is gonna pull me in, isn't it? (I was a forger of some repute on Reach- not like, really famous, but I had some good download numbers)

  • sounds and looks awesome!

  • I have a few maps that I wasn't able to build in Reach that had great potential but I didn't have enough money or the forge world couldn't work with the map. So excited about the new environments and all the upgrades. After beating the campaign and playing war games for a while I will head over to forge and play non stop.

  • Forge looks more vastly improved than ever before. The magnets and being able to lock Forge pieces seems very helpful. Perhaps now I'll be able to create maps with more finesse. P.S. That moon map looks very epic.

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